BUSTED: CNN Not Covering ANTIFA Attack on ICE Facility 💥

Published on Jul 15, 2019

Michael Thomas
To take down an American flag and raise any other flag in its place .. — is both Treason and an Act of War


Trump is just expressing the same frustrations many of us feel, without the political correctness none of us want.


Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf stated that his movement of national socialism or what we call Nazi was in reality a branch of communism. We know that AntiFa are neo-marxists. So ironically AntiFa are the new Nazis!


Anthony Turner
Look man if you’re going to be critical of Trump do it for the right reasons on the right subjects Like him keeping Bolton Don’t let the left set the narrative The tweets were not racist


These people that are in “concentration camp”😂 can leave for home whenever they want.


the great dirtbag
CNN’s Don Lemon believes it’s racist to exclude a pirate when searching for buried treasure


Complete Controll
Trump is forcing everyone to either say I hate America, or distance themselves from the far left idiocy. It was a pretty decent move in my book, and not racist. It was blunt, possibly insensitive, but towards people who call me Nazi daily. Eh… I’m not that offended. A week from now this drumbeat of the media will turn into standing on what you think America is. You will see who’s who in quick fashion. He dropped a gauntlet, and used the country as the defining point. Wasn’t racist, and not sure how insensitive it is, considering the names they call Trump supporters.

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eric klekot
Who calls people ‘comrade’ in common parlance? These people are dangerous, but also fit in ‘Soviet Cosplay” as well. My Comrade, they are so cool…..barf.


Super Predator
Honestly, is anyone surprised by this? They’re allied with ANTIFA.

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