MMA trainer pleads for help as he’s forced to wait with dead body of sister for 36 HOURS in coronavirus-hit Italy


Italian mixed martial arts trainer Luca Franzese has posted a distressing video in which he pleads for help as the body of his dead sister lies in the background after she was infected with the coronavirus.

Franzese, who has also appeared as an actor on the popular TV series ‘Gomorrah’, posted a series of videos on social media last weekend in which he appeals for help as the body of his sister Teresa lies in bed behind him.

Teresa Franzese, 47, reportedly died on Saturday after showing symptoms of Covid-19 for several days.

“I am making this video for the good of Italy, for the good of Naples,” a distraught Luca says in the video.

“My sister died last night, probably because of the virus, and I’ve been waiting for answers since last night.


“I had to force them to come and do the test. I’ve had to put myself in self-isolation. I might have the virus.

“To keep my sister alive, I tried to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation and no one cared, no one is calling me.

“We are ruined, Italy has abandoned us. But we must give each other strength.”

The trainer-turned-actor later confirmed that his sister, who had a form of epilepsy, had tested positive for Covid-19.

He said he had been forced to wait for 36 hours with her body at home – where elderly relatives were also staying – as he desperately sought funeral services who would come and take her body away for burial.


Teresa Franzese was reportedly the fourth person to die of the coronavirus in the southern Italian region of Campania, where there have been more than 120 cases of the disease.

Local councillor Francesco Emilio Borrelli said that the confusion over Teresa Franzese’s death came from the fact that she had been the first person to die at home from the virus.

“It was the first case in Italy in which a person with the virus dies at home, so there was some confusion on what to do,” he said, Al Jazeera reported.

“The family [exemplifies] altruism, they are doing everything they can to protect their community, and the community is staying close to them by bringing food.

“Now the big problem is that they have been closed in there for four days, and no one is taking away their trash. It’s getting unhygienic and we don’t know what to do about it. Someone needs to help them.” 

A funeral home eventually agreed to come and take the body after Luca Franzese’s was widely shared online.

“It was surreal. We used masks, sterile shoes, hazmat suits, glasses, and gloves. Luca and another relative were there, but other family members were all in another room,” said Pasquale Pernice, an employee at the Aprea Funeral Home service.

Italy has recorded almost 12,500 cases of the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 820 people dying of the disease, making it the worst-hit country outside of China.

The country and its 60 million population have been placed on lockdown, with all bars, restaurants and schools shut, as well as most shops.

‘Ability to help may reach limit’: Italian doctor says medics ‘exhausted’ helping isolated patients amid coronavirus pandemic


If the number of the infected keeps rising, patients with better chances of survival will have to be prioritized, an ER doctor at the epicenter of the Italian outbreak told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

In the city of Piacenza, in the heart of northern Italy’s coronavirus outbreak, overworked medical personnel are reaching their breaking point – and there seems to be no sign that the epidemic is letting up. With a population of just over 100,000, the city was placed on lockdown on Sunday, after suffering 50 deaths and more than 630 coronavirus diagnoses.

Visibly tired and with bags under his eyes, Davide Bastoni, who works in the emergency room of the Gugliermo Da Saliceto Hospital in Piacenza, told Ruptly that the battle against Covid-19 has been unceasing – and humbling.

“The night was very exhausting… This epidemic permits us to understand the fact that at the end of the day, we are all human beings, we are all the same, when facing these outbreaks or these viruses,” said Bastoni.

Dressed in a white smock and a hair net, the doctor confessed that protecting against the highly-contagious has separated patients from their caregivers.

“They are all patients who need human contact, who need some words of comfort, which is difficult to give them because we have the masks and all the protective devices,” the medical professional noted. He said that trying to make treatment more “humane” has forced clinicians to “reinvent” how they communicate with their patients.

There were more than three dozen patients with symptoms of the virus waiting to be screened and processed when the interview was recorded on Wednesday. But according to Bastoni, the epidemic is likely to get worse before it gets better.

The doctor urged his fellow Italians, especially young people, to take all possible measures to avoid contact with the virus.

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“It’s clear that if the community doesn’t follow the restrictions and the numbers [of the infected] continue to rise, at a certain point, our ability to help people will reach its limit,” Bastoni warned.

He expressed fear that it would soon become necessary to classify patients based on those who have a greater chance of surviving the illness.

“I really hope this doesn’t happen,” he said.

Italy remains Europe’s worst-hit country, with the number of confirmed cases reaching 12,462 on Wednesday and the death toll jumping by 196 to 827 in just 24 hours.


Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic, Subway Posters Tell New Yorkers Not to Be Racist


 MARCH 12, 2020

An LGBT activist group called Pride Train has plastered New York subways with posters reminding commuters not to be racist during the coronavirus pandemic.

Asserting that “Facts, not fear, will stop COVID-19,” the posters tell travelers “No ignorance, racism, or xenophobia allowed at this station at any time.”


Another poster states, “COVID-19 is not an excuse to be racist.”


The posters immediately draw attention because they are designed to look like official MTA announcements.

Although previous posters were put up without the express permission of the MTA, Pride Train has described the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as a “silent (very silent) partner.”

Concerns over “racism” and “xenophobia” surrounding the coronavirus have repeatedly emerged, with the World Health Organization making numerous statements demanding certain words and phrases not be used in order to prevent people feeling “stigmatized.”

The irony of course is that the kind of border controls which countries like Russia imposed back in January would be decried as “racist” by groups such as Pride Train, yet they have successfully prevented the wider spread of coronavirus.


Russia Has Recorded Zero Coronavirus Deaths

Gee, I wonder why.


Even as coronavirus ravages the rest of Europe, Russia, which closed its entire border back in January, still has zero recorded deaths from COVID-19.

What a stunning coincidence.

The latest numbers out of Russia show that just 28 people are recorded to be infected with coronavirus. There have been zero fatalities.

Compare these numbers to other European countries.

– Italy has 15,113 recorded infections and 1,016 total deaths.

– Spain has 3,059 recorded infections and 86 total deaths.

– France has 2,281 recorded infections and 48 total deaths.

– Germany has 2,512 recorded infections and 5 total deaths.

– The UK has 590 recorded infections and 10 total deaths.

Why such a significant difference?

As the Moscow Times highlights, Russia closed “most entry points along its 4,200-kilometer border with China, ordering people returning from high-risk areas to self-quarantine and temporarily banning Chinese citizens from entering the country.”

They did this back in January, while the World Health Organization was simultaneously ordering countries not to profile and not to take any border control measures that would stop the international flow of people.

Singapore, which despite its proximity to China has recorded only 189 cases of coronavirus and zero deaths, also closed its border back in January.

Compare Singapore and Russia’s response to a country like the UK, which despite seeing coronavirus ravage Italy and Iran is still allowing people to arrive in the country from Italy and Iran while performing zero checks on them whatsoever.

Border controls work. Globalism is a vector for disease pandemics.

European Union Demands Greece Provide Asylum to Migrants Storming Turkish Border

The globalists aren’t having Greece’s border controls.


Unelected bureaucrats of the European Union are demanding that Greece uphold asylum rights for the latest wave of migrants storming its border, weeks after the southern European nation suspended all asylum claims.

Thousands of itinerant migrants have been seeking to enter Greece in recent weeks after Turkey allowed the large migrant population it had been housing to pass through the country.

Ylva Johansson, the EU commissioner for home affairs and a Swedish national, is traveling to the country on Thursday to state a list of demands and mandates from Brussels for the nation. Johansson isn’t happy that Greece is refusing to provide a byzantine(no pun intended) legal process for so-called refugees storming the country.

Johansson claims Greece is treaty-obligated as a member of the union to permit migrants to apply for asylum.

“Individuals in the European Union have the right to apply for asylum. This is in the treaty, this is in international law. This we can’t suspend.”

It probably won’t go over well in the Mediterranean country that a foreign bureaucrat intends to lecture them on their response to the crisis of mass immigration flowing over the border from Turkey. Citizens of Greece largely expect the EU to assist them in dealing with the problem, namely in compelling Turkey to shut down the transit of migrants from the eastern parts of the country to its European border with Greece.

Greece is the latest country to question in policy the supposedly universal right to request asylum, a legal tactic often applied by illegal immigrants without a genuine case for refugee protections and utilized by human smugglers to facilitate illegal immigration in Europe and North America.

Thousands of migrants remain camped on Greece’s border with Turkey. Unfortunately for them, they can’t count on solidarity and assistance from the European Union in dealing with the problem, but rather a set of mandates and demands to let them in.

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