Belgian Authorities Clear Migrants From ‘No-Go’ Transit Station


Hungary: The EU has provided 2 million migrants with unlawful cash cards worth 1.55 billion euros in an effort to legalise illegal migration

Over two million migrants have received anonymous debit cards at a cost of €1.55 billion, according to the Hungarian government.

“Over two million migrants have received anonymous debit cards. The equivalent of 500 billion forints (1.55 bn euros) has been spent in this manner”, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi said on Hungarian M1 television.
Mr. Bakondi said that the cards are unlawful, because European citizens cannot own anonymous banking cards, they cannot be monitored, and no public procurement procedure was launched for their issuing.
“This solution, which has not been thought through and is unlawful, and other efforts on the part of the European Union to legalise illegal migration such as the migrant visa and the establishment of legal channels for immigration, represent a security risk with healthcare, economic and cultural consequences for Hungarian and European citizens”, he stated.
In the Chief Security Advisor’s opinion, the EU doesn’t want to stop migration, but legalise it.
“Hungary, however, does not agree with this. Hungary’s opinion is that the problem must not be brought into Europe, but that instead, assistance must be provided to enable problems to be solved on site”, he added.
Mr. Bakondi also mentioned that the good weather has led to an increase in the number of migrants on the Balkan migration route.

Who checks the fact-checkers? Facebook leaves verification to groups funded by Soros, US Congress


In its crusade against ‘fake news’, Facebook has vowed to fight for impartiality. However, when it comes to fact-checking, it seems to rely on sources, which have links to the US government, and renowned political meddlers.

For more than two years, the social media giant has been seeking to convince the public that it does its best to take a stand against malicious disinformation spread through its network and presented a whole bunch of instruments aimed at revealing and countering false narratives.

It appears, though, that Facebook heavily relies on decisions taken by some third-parties in its ‘anti-disinformation’ policy.

Submissions from the so-called fact-checkers – alongside some feedback from users – seem to be the primary source on which Facebook relies when saying a post is ‘false’.

One-fits-all solution?

Facebook proudly boasted that all the “partners” it cooperates with were “certified” through what it calls “the non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network” or IFCN.

However, the social network’s choice of people to trust with the power to decide what is true or false does raise questions. This seemingly impressive “international network” Facebook mentions is a project run by Florida-based private school of journalism – the Poynter Institute for Media Studies.

The project, which Facebook apparently uses as a sole instrument to find trustworthy “partners,” seems to be way more than just a selfless initiative aimed at helping people navigate through questionable information.

ALSO ON RT.COMAP & Snopes quit ‘fact-checking’ for Facebook as NewsGuard’s blacklist model pushes aheadThe IFCN was launched in 2015 following a generous donation totaling $300,000, which the Poynter Institute received from two sources. One of them is the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) – a “soft-power” organization, which is funded primarily through annual allocations from the US Congress. Another one is the Omidyar Network – a foundation run by the eBay founder and self-described “progressive” billionaire Pierre Omidyar.

Although he has not yet apparently gained as much fame – or infamy for that matter – as another US billionaire and renowned political meddler, George Soros, Omidyar has also lately shown himself as a major patron of regime-change operations. As early as in 2014, the US media reported that Omidyar supported anti-government groups in Ukraine that opposed the then President Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted during Maidan.

A report by Forbes also suggested that the billionaire was one of the major funders of the Kiev-based Hromadske TV, which harbored anti-Russian views while backing the violent 2014 coup. Most recently, a group of journalists revealed that Omidyar funds a wide range of media outlets through foundations, nonprofits and other cutouts that in fact promote the liberal interventionist agenda.

Notably, two years after the launch of the IFCN Omidyar teamed up with none other than another “liberal interventionist” – Soros – to channel some $1.3 million into the project to support its development.

The Poynter Institute itself also has the Omidyar Network as well as the Democracy Fund – another foundation linked to the eBay founder – on its list of major donors, alongside Open Society Foundations (OSF) run by Soros and the NED.

Providers of ‘ultimate truth’

The list of “certified” fact-checkers provided by the IFCN certainly looks impressive. It includes such international news agencies as Associated Press and Agency France Press (AFP), which appear on the list along with its branch offices in a dozen and a half countries. In total, the ‘network’ describes 66 organizations as “verified signatories” of the self-styled “code of principles” it developed.

However, the impartiality question remains. At least some of the organizations listed as reliable suppliers of the ultimate truth and described as “partners” by Facebook in fact receive substantial funding from the likes of Soros and Omidyar – or even directly from Western governments.

One of these organizations called PolitiFact even enjoys what it calls “administrative support” from the Poynter Institute while receiving significant funding from Facebook itself. The US-based fact-checker also collected regular donations from Omidyar’s Democracy Fund since at least 2013, which amounted to between $125,000 and $250,000.

ALSO ON RT.COMMeet Pierre Omidyar, billionaire patron of US regime change operations, neocons & activist media

Across the pond, the British Full Fact charity lists the Omidyar Network and Open Society Foundations among its top-5 donors. And in the Philippines Omidyar is backing the Rappler, a news site that also made its way to the IFCN fact-checkers’ list while opposing President Rodrigo Duterte.

Together, Omidyar’s Luminate Group and Soros’ OSF also provided a quarter of the funding, which a South Africa-based fact-checker, the ‘Africa Check’, received in 2018. Meanwhile, another such organization based in Turkey and called Teyit got its funds directly from Western governments in the form of “financial support”provided by the British embassy in Ankara as well as the European Endowment for Democracy – a foundation financed directly by most EU states along with Switzerland and Norway.

Some of the organizations on the list also manage to collect donations both from Western governments and the “liberal interventionists.” One such example is the Columbian ‘La Silla Vacia’ group, which received 14.5 percent of its funding from Soros, 9.5 percent from the British embassy and another four percent from the NED.

It seems, after all that, the accusations of “bias” Facebook complained so bitterly about in 2018 might be not as unsubstantiated as the social media giant would like it to appear. Back then, Facebook’s project manager, Tessa Lyons, rhetorically asked if it is possible to have a set of fact-checkers that are widely recognized as objective in today’s world. That’s a really good question, which Facebook might need to ask itself again.


Poland: LGBT Ideology ‘a Threat to our Nation, Identity, and Existence’

Participants of a gay pride parade walk through the streets of Poznan, August 11, 2018. (Photo by Wojtek RADWANSKI / AFP) (Photo credit should read WOJTEK RADWANSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

By Virginia Hale

LGBT campaigners’ demands such as ‘gender ideology’ and the promotion of alternative sexual lifestyles to young children at school present a serious threat to Poland, the head of the nation’s ruling party has said.

Speaking at a conference organised by the group Catholic Action on Wednesday, Jaroslaw Kaczynski denounced ”an attack on the family and children”, following the signing of a 12-point ‘LGBT + Declaration’ by Warsaw’s liberal mayor.

“We are dealing with a direct attack on the family and children… the sexualisation of children, that entire LGBT movement, gender,” he said, denouncing ‘gender theory’ which claims that sex is a social construct and that people can ‘choose’ their own gender, and which the Warsaw Declaration says must be promoted in schools.

“These ideologies, philosophies, all of this is imported, these are not internal Polish mechanisms,” Kaczynski told the conference in Wloclawek.

“They are a threat to Polish identity, to our nation, to its existence and thus to the Polish state,” he added.

“Communism was not defeated” when the Berlin Wall fell, the Law and Justice (PiS) party leader said, asserting that freedom of speech and religion are under attack from a post-1989 “formation” of pro-EU and media forces which have been deeply hostile to the Church and Polish patriotism.

The Roman Catholic Church in Poland was among voices highly critical of the Warsaw Declaration, expressing “deep concern” over education plans declaring schools must adopt ‘LGBT-inclusive’ education guidelines, warning that the plan “contradicts the constitutional right of parents to raise their children according to their own belief”.


The World Health Organization (WHO) and UN-produced ‘comprehensive sex education’ demanded by the document were previously described by Kaczynski as a “great danger”, with guidelines promoting transgender ideology and homosexual lifestyles as well as “safe access to abortion” and the sexual ‘rights’ of children, with learning objectives for pupils aged nine to 12 advising they should be able to “describe male and female responses to sexual stimulation”.

Globalist international media outlets have been presenting Poland as the aggressor in a ‘culture war’ for its opposition to the list of demands, with Reuters alleging the government had picked “LGBT rights as [a] battlefront” in order to “stem a decline in its popularity ahead of two key elections this year”.

By objecting to the contents of activists’ 12-point wish list, PiS was “attacking gay rights”, according to a Politico article titled “Poland’s ruling party plays the LGBT card”, which towards the end of the piece admits that “the bulk [of the country’s population] is still very religious and conservative”, and so would oppose most policies outlined in the list.



Sweden Demands Sanctions on Hungary, Nations Refusing Third World Migration

“It cannot be that responsibility is shared by one or two or three countries.  We have to help each other.”

By Virginia Hale

EU nations which refuse to open their doors to third world migration should have to “pay a price”, the Swedish Prime Minister has said.

In an interview with local media at the weekend, Stefan Löfven said he wants to see sanctions on countries unwilling to take part in a migrant quota system, claiming it was ‘not sustainable” that Hungary refuses to house, feed, and clothe a Brussels-dictated share of illegal immigrants who reach Europe.

“It cannot be that responsibility is shared by one or two or three countries.  We have to help each other,” he told the establishment newspaper Dagens Nyheter, stating that the EU must impose a common migration policy on the bloc’s member states.

“Hungary is one of the countries that receives the most funding from the EU, and it is saying no, we will not take responsibility with relation to migration,” the social democrat said, adding that Brussels should cut funding to nations which reject mass immigration.

Budapest hit back at Löfven’s claim that the nation was neglecting responsibility on the topic of migrants, with foreign minister Peter Szijjártó pointing out that border fences rolled out by the Hungarian government in 2015 are “defending western and northern Europe” from illegal immigration.

“What is at stake at the May elections is that politicians should be elected to the European Parliament who want security in Europe and not resettlement quotas, not no-go zones, not gang wars, not increasing crime and not a threat of terrorism,” the minister toldHungarian news agency MTI.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.20.34 AM

Slamming Löfven as a “pro-immigration politician who also wants to force illegal immigrants onto Hungary, and wants to punish the Hungarians for saying no to the mandatory resettlement quota”, the minister added: “The Swedish Prime Minister has already made his decision [on migration policy], but we too have the right to decide.”

Prior to a meeting of EU leaders last September, Löfven reportedly showed visible signs of “anger” at some member states’ reluctance to agree to a common asylum policy, which would see illegal immigrants who manage to reach European shores spread out across the bloc.

The Swedish leader has repeatedly claimed that migrants will be “less of a burden” to the continent as a whole if there is a permanent mechanism to spread them throughout the bloc, ignoring the argument from Visegrád leaders that sharing out asylum seekers trafficked into the EU while failing to secure the borders makes the illegal immigration problem worse.

Nationalism Continues Its Takeover of European Politics

By Jose Nino

According to a Politico list, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage were ranked as the two most important Members of European Parliament (MEP) during the 2014-2019 parliamentary term.

This list of “40 MEPs who mattered”  ranks MEPs who “set the agenda and stood out from their peers, driving trends both within the legislative arena and in the wider EU political debate.”

Politico pointed to Salvini’s “talent for plain speaking and using social media (not to mention the Euroscepticism) that propelled him to his current position as Italy’s de facto leader, where he has been driving the European debate from the right ever since.”

Salvini has taken his political rise to another level by rolling out a political supergroup of populist parties across the EU, notably made up of the Alternative for Germany (AfD), the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), and the French National Rally.

The young populist leader aims to form the biggest coalition in the European Parliament by outing the centrist European People’s Party and “change the rules of Europe.” Salvini and his populist coalition wants to roadblock the progressive, centralized project of the EU and revert to a union of European nations.

Controversial policies like mass migration and the negative social effects they have brought about have spurred the rise of populism throughout Europe.

BLP reported how Salvini’s La Lega (League) party is set to make big gains in the European Parliament.

Politico also placed former UKIP leader current Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in the second spot in this ranking. Farage was described as “the star speechmaker of the 2014-2019 Parliament.”

After the British government announced that it would be participating in the European Parliament elections, Farage declared that his Brexit Party would be participating as well to defeat the establishment and “fight back against the betrayal of democracy.”

An Open Europe poll found that the Brexit Party was in third place behind Labour and Conservatives.

Over the past few weeks BLP has found that populism is a growing movement across the West and is here to stay.

recent poll shows that immigration is still the #1 issue for Republican voters in the 2020 elections.

Given Trump latest success in securing $1 billion in wall funding and his proposal of sending illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, Trump looks to poised to win a second term.

Suspected ISIS Terrorist Arrested In Hungary Held Prepaid EU Debit Card

By Dan Lyman

A Syrian man arrested by Hungarian authorities under suspicion of terrorist activities was in possession of a prepaid debit card issued by the E.U., according to a government spokesman.

F. Hassan was recently detained in Budapest by officers of the Hungarian Counterterrorism Centre (TEK), suspected of being a high-ranking ISIS operative who had carried out attacks and executions in his homeland.

Reports now indicate that Hassan was holding one of the many “anonymous” debit cards issued to migrants by the E.U. and U.N. – a scheme that was recently unearthedand confirmed by the European Commission following a public information campaign initiated by the Hungarian government.

“The Hungarian government had warned that these anonymous, prepaid debit cards posed a security risk,” writes Zoltan Kovacs, Secretary of State for International Communication and Relations. “After initial denials, the Commission finally admitted that the United Nations and the European Union have been distributing these cards to migrants who have reached the territory of the E.U. Some 64,000 debit cards were distributed to migrants in January alone.”

“Reports say that he received a monthly payment of 500 EUR on his debit card. That’s well over today’s gross minimum wage in Hungary.”

Hungarian officials are now demanding an “urgent answer” from the E.U. regarding whether it knew if Hassan had been issued one of the debit cards in question and how many other potential terrorists may have received them, according to Hungary Today.

“It is a lie that the 64,000 migrant cards issued so far are not anonymous, cannot be used to withdraw cash or that they can only be used in Greece,” MEP Tamas Deutsch told reporters.

Deutsch warned that “thousands” of jihadists may be pouring into Europe, hidden among the waves of migrants.

“Despite that fact, Brussels is enthusiastically distributing anonymous cards credited with hundreds of euros,” Deutsch said.

In November, 2018, Infowars Europe helped bring to light revelations that migrants were using preloaded MasterCard debit cards bearing insignias of the E.U. and U.N. to pay for goods and services along their journeys.

There is also evidence that the project is traceable to infamous Hungarian billionaire George Soros.

In Infowars’ original report, we detailed Soros’ likely ties to the scheme upon discovery of a 2017 MasterCard press release publicizing the launch of a partnership program with Soros called “Humanity Ventures,” which aimed to “catalyze and accelerate economic and social development for vulnerable communities around the world, especially refugees and migrants.”

Incredibly, the E.U. has claimed the program “does not encourage migration.”


Choose your fighter!

 | – APRIL 3, 2019

List of countries that stone or execute gay people;

Afghanistan – 99% Muslim
Iran – 99% Muslim
Mauritania – 99% Muslim
Sudan – 97% Muslim
Yemen – 99% Muslim
Saudi Arabia – 93% Muslim
Somalia – 99.9% Muslim

Some kind of connection here? 🤔

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