CORONAVIRUS – Monday 9th March

By Dr. John Campbell – 3/9/2020

This is getting serious. I think Dr. Campbell’s alert level has jumped up to “a bit cross.” There is no higher alert level in Britain. On a less humorous note, a sign of the serious decay of a civilization is when the people no longer have faith in their government. I think this situation is going to be the straw that breaks a lot of people’s backs in that regard; I think a lot of people are going to end up feeling betrayed. Not that I had a lot of faith in the government to start with, but the sheer incompetence (and possible corruption) of the WHO and the CDC and the Feds in general has really put me into a mindset of I’m on my own with this. The government is to be ignored or outright distrusted.

COVID – 19 Friday update 28 Feb

By Dr. John Campbell 2/28/2020

I love how Doc just stares at the camera in silence when he wants show disapproval

I’m so glad you mentioned the comparison with influenza, I’ve been trying to highlight the transmissibility of COVID-19 for weeks compared to flu. Add to that the incubation period, asymptomatic potential and aerosolised transmission!! It’s an incredibly risky virus especially to older and vulnerable populations and the government should have been pouring support into nursing homes and social care support long before now.


COVID-19 Monday morning news

By Dr. John Campbell – 2/24/2020

You can’t call a pandemic if the word doesn’t exist in the WHO vocabulary as of today.

The WHO has no credibility. It’s just a mouthpiece of the governments that fund it. They want to avoid financial collapse at all cost so of course the WHO downplays threats. Follow the money. Right now they are just buying time before everything goes to shit. Intelligent people should prepare accordingly.


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