Twitter Claims ‘White Supremacists’ Are Posing As Antifa And Calling For Violence

Does not negate the fact that Antifa is actually causing the violence.

By Steve Watson – 6/3/2020

Twitter says it has shut down an ‘Antifa’ account that was calling for violence, claiming that those behind it were really ‘white supremacists’.

“This account violated our platform manipulation and spam policy, specifically the creation of fake accounts,”Twitter spokesperson said in a statement. “We took action after the account sent a Tweet inciting violence and broke the Twitter Rules.”

The account came to the attention of the company after Donald Trump Jr. noted that it was an example of Antifa engaging in calls for violence.

“Absolutely insane,” Trump Jr. wrote in a now deleted Instagram post, sharing a screenshot of the tweet, “Just remember what ANTIFA really is. A Terrorist Organization! They’re not even pretending anymore,” he added.

Now since Twitter removed the account, leftists are using it as a way of tacitly defending Antifa, and blaming white supremacists for the violence that continues on the streets.

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Whether this was a fake account or not, it doesn’t excuse the fact that the rioting of the past 4 days has clearly been perpetrated by Antifa thugs and opportunistic looters using ‘Black Lives Matter’ as a cover for their criminal activity.

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Antifa’s attempts to sow chaos beyond the inner cities has been met with swift put downs from Americans defending their communities, however:

All of this hasn’t prevented leftist media from continuing to run defense for Antifa, pushing propaganda that they group just ‘wants a better world’ or that it cannot be designated a terror group because it doesn’t have centralised organisation.

In addition, morons on social media, like gun grabber David Hogg, continue to conflate chicken necked Antifa rioters with World War II veterans and heroes:

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Philadelphia Gun Store Owner Shoots and Kills Looter In Attempted Break-In

He says the man had tried to break into his store on three straight nights.

By – 6/3/2020

A South Philadelphia gun store owner shot and killed a man who had broke into his store early Tuesday morning.

He’s recounting seeing three men using bolt cutters to cut through the padlock locking the fence to the building containing Firing Line Inc. on surveillance camera. After the three men broke into a back window and entered the first floor of the building, the store’s 67-year owner retrieved his Bushmaster M4 AR 15-style rifle, later firing one shot at the group of three men when they made their way upstairs. The store’s owner had realized that the burglars were armed, and fired at the men.

One looter was killed from the shot, and the other two fled.

Philadelphia Police Inspector Scott Smalls is describing the incident as a clear cut example of self defense. After questioning of the gun store owner and review of surveillance camera footage, he won’t face any criminal charges for defending his shop.



NY Attorney General Letitia James Threatens to Sue Trump Over Possible Military Deployment to Save Looted and Destroyed New York City

By Jim Hoft – 6/2/2020

Police officers in New York City were beaten and run over by a car in three separate attacks on Monday night.
The attacks were all caught on video.

Looting and rioting in Manhattan was described by a reporter as “complete anarchy”. One police officer was seen lying injured on the sidewalk.

“Hard to describe how rampant the looting was tonight in Midtown Manhattan and how lawless it was. Complete anarchy. Literally hundreds of stores up and down Broadway, Fifth Ave, Sixth Ave. Kids ruling the streets like it was a party.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 6.08.55 PM

All of this violence and looting moved the New York State Attorney General to act — Against President Trump.
AG Latitia James announced before she took office that she would go after President Trump.

On Monday Letitia James said she will go to court to prevent President Trump from taking action to save New York City from looters and thugs.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 6.12.08 PM

Letitia is a perfect fit for New York State.

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REPORT: Armed ‘Rooftop Gamers’ Protect Local GameStop From Looters

“Gamers are rising up,” one Twitter user captioned the photo

National File – JUNE 2, 2020

A photograph has been circulating on social media showing “rooftop gamers” armed with rifles standing vigilant on the roof of a GameStop store, presumably in an effort to contain the  rioting and looting that continues to ravage America’s cities.

In the photo, three men can be seen protecting the GameStop from the structure’s roof, one armed with a .22 or pellet rifle, while the other two carry AR-platform black rifles.

The photograph, which appears to originate from Pennsylvania, was posted by a left-wing activist account on Twitter with the accompanying caption: “If you’re in the area of Aramingo and Butler: armed men on top of the Game Stop. STEER CLEAR. Photo was at 1430 or thereabouts.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 5.48.36 PM

The image was quickly redistributed on social media with the caption “Rooftop Gamers,” a reference to the Korean business owners who repelled race rioters from their storefronts with firearms during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 5.50.02 PM

On Tuesday, National File reported on a video of a store owner who confronted a would-be with a rifle while the latter begged not not to be shot.

Taking place at an unknown location, the footage, presumably filmed by the store owner, depicts an off-camera enraged store owner waving a carbine at the floored rioter while the prostrate looter pleads with the proprietor.

In the expletive-laden brief footage, the owner calls out the looter for breaking his window and robbing his store before the short clip cuts off.

Some people have taken matters into their own hands as the police and authorities are stretched beyond their capabilities due to the rioting across dozens of major cities.

The rioting has not gained much sympathy from some onlookers.

One person commented: “After all this, the topic of reparations should be off the table…because now they owe us money.”

“Life comes at ya fast,” joked another person.

Business owners attempting to defend their businesses during the riots have often been faced with the threat of police prosecution if they exercise their right to self-defense.

Chaos continues amid curfew in NYC

Jun 2, 2020

In New York, riot police squared off with protesters throughout Monday night. Even though city officials placed 11 p.m. curfews to minimize damages, it failed to prevent looting and destruction of property.



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