WATCH: ISIS Bride Who Wants To Return To U.S. Is Asked About Her Tweet Urging People To Slaughter Americans

Kashmiri protesters seen with the ISIS flag.

“…it was an ideology that really was just a phase.”

By James Barrett

The mainstream media has done its part in trying to promote the efforts of Hoda Muthana, the American-born daughter of a former Yemen diplomat who embraced radical Islam, urged the murder of innocent people while living in the States, journeyed to Syria in 2014 to fight alongside the barbaric terrorist group, and now wants to return to United States. Her biggest obstacle now is that both the Obama and Trump administrations determined that she isn’t even a citizen of the United States.

In an interview with NBC’s Richard Engel two weeks ago that has gotten more attention online this week after being highlighted by NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck, Muthana was asked why people should believe that she has actually renounced radicalism, particularly because of some of the tweets she posted. Muthana laughed and responded dismissively, “I know that, but it was an ideology that really was just a phase.”

“There’s one tweet in particular where you talk about calling on Americans to do drive-by shootings, to rent a truck to drive over people, spilling their blood — and you say Memorial Day, Veterans Day, go out and do it,” Engel said, speaking with Muthana inside her tent in a section of a Syrian refugee camp reserved for foreign ISIS families.

“Again, my lawyer told me not to speak about these things,” she responded.

Here’s a clip of the moment tweeted out by Houck:

As MRC reported in February, the media has covered Muthana in an overtly sympathetic way. In an interview with ABC News in February, the ISIS bride said she believes she deserves to be let back in the country and might just need some “therapy” as her “punishment.”

“Maybe therapy lessons,” she said in response to being asked about a just punishment for her joining a terrorist group. “Maybe a process that will ensure us we will never do this again.”

In another interview, CBS foreign correspondent Holly Williams made clear that she sympathized with Muthana, especially in light of Trump announcing via Twitter that he’d directed the State Department to deny her request because she “is not a U.S. citizen.” As evidence that Muthana did have a passport, Williams, incredibly, cited Muthana declaring proudly through her Twitter account (handle: “Umm Jihad”) that she’d thrown her passport into a “bonfire.”

CBS also gave Muthana’s lawyer, Hassan Shibly — whom Williams failed to tell the audience worked for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has been accused of having ties to terrorists — a chance to make the case for his client. But Williams failed to fully explain the debate surrounding Muthana’s claim, which involves her father’s former role as a diplomat for Yemen and the timing of her birth.

The Daily Wire’s Josh Hammer provides more context for the case:

The legal dispute begins with Muthana’s father’s diplomatic status — or lack thereof — at the time of Muthana’s birth. The U.S. government’s legal position is that the government’s records show that Muthana’s father held diplomatic status until February 6, 1995 — which is after Muthana’s birthdate of October 28, 1994. The government’s position is that this means Muthana herself was not a U.S. citizen at birth. But the details of Muthana’s birth are made more complex by the specific actions of her father around that time: Only months prior to her birth, he stepped down from his position at the Yemeni United Nations mission, thereby relinquishing his diplomatic immunity while still remaining in the U.S. on a diplomatic visa.

The legal dispute only gets murkier from there. Muthana was granted a passport in 2004, despite initial reluctance from the U.S. government. Her passport was renewed in 2014, shortly before she sauntered off to Istanbul in 2014 en route to her ultimate destination: The then-ascendant nearby Islamic State “caliphate.” While carousing with her motley crew of 7th-century lusting, genocidal, mass murderous, sex enslaving jihadists, Muthana decided to symbolically burn her physical U.S. passport.

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MSNBC Analyst: ‘Anti-American’ to Deny U.S. Re-Entry to ISIS Terrorist

“If she’s willing to come back and face whatever consequences she faces for being a part of a terrorist organization that’s declared war on the United States, that’s perfectly fine.”

Newsbusters – FEBRUARY 23, 2019

Appearing on MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle Friday morning, analyst Jason Johnson, Politics Editor for The Root, blasted the Trump administration for refusing to allow ISIS terrorist Hoda Muthana from returning to the U.S. after she left to join the violent death cult. The left-wing contributor even argued it was “anti-American” to deny her re-entry to the nation she declared war against.

After a clip ran of an exclusive NBC News interview with Muthana, Ruhle turned to her panel of guests for reaction. Real Clear Politics Associate Editor A.B. Stoddard agreed with the Trump administration: “This country is a gift and I think she’s relinquished her privilege and I’m kind of in agreement with the President that she, you know, may not be allowed – shouldn’t be allowed to come back here.”

Moments later, Johnson chimed in to complain: “There are white domestic terrorists who get radicalized online all the time in America who are out shooting people, threatening to kill people….And we’re not deporting them. They’re allowed to be here.” He argued that Muthana was “an American citizen” and that any attempt to block her return was somehow antithetical to American values:

If she’s willing to come back and face whatever consequences she faces for being a part of a terrorist organization that’s declared war on the United States, that’s perfectly fine. But this idea that this administration has been promoting that we can pick and choose who citizens are and determine citizenship based on if we like somebody and their ideology is anti-American. She is still an American citizen, she should be allowed to come back.

Even Philippe Reines, a former State Department official under Hillary Clinton, was wary of allowing Muthana back in country:

So, yes, if she wants to come back, I think she should be allowed to come back. I would feel a hell of a lot better if she were facing charges before she came back….she should know that she is facing X charges in X jurisdiction, X felony for X amount of years….But it can’t be this vacuum of everyone gets to come back no matter what they do to our country.

Johnson defended his argument by seeming to downplay her involvement with ISIS: “And just being a part of ISIS, we need to determine exactly – we’ve had people flee and join ISIS. Before you had somebody do that a couple years ago. We need to – ”

Ruhle interrupted him: “Let’s not give ISIS excuses, okay?”

Johnson insisted:

I’m not giving ISIS excuses. What I’m saying is, people have left and joined these kinds of terrorist organizations before….And just because she was a part of ISIS, I would like to know, similar to you, look, “Did you help in any bombing? Did you help in any planning? Did you give people information about America?” Because that determines what kind of punishment you should receive.

He reiterated: “But again, she’s an American citizen. And if there’s anybody that should punish her, it should be us back here because she’s an American citizen.”

The U.S. State Department has adamantly refuted that assertion. “Ms. Hoda Muthana is not a U.S. citizen and will not be admitted into the United States. She does not have any legal basis, no valid U.S. passport, no right to a passport, nor any visa to travel to the United States,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Wednesday.

KNOWLES: ISIS Widows Want ‘Therapy’ After Marrying Terrorists

By Michael J. Knowles

Kashmiri protesters seen with the ISIS flag.

Former American citizens turned ISIS brides want to return to the United States after being captured by Western forces in the Middle East. Michael Knowles explains why this is a bad idea on Thursday’s episode of “The Michael Knowles Show.” Transcript and video below.

You had this influx of women, these radicalized Islamic women in the United States, in Great Britain, throughout continental Europe who during the rise of the Islamic state actually left to go fight … on behalf of the Islamic State. So now because President Trump promised we would crush ISIS militarily, and we have, now these women don’t have a state. ISIS barely exists anymore, if it exists at all. Now they want to come back and say, “Whoopsie-daisy, let’s pretend that nothing happened.”

Here is a woman named Hoda Muthana, she left at the age of 19, left Alabama, the good ol’ USA, moved to Syria and married an Australian jihadi who died within three months. Then she married another jihadi, had a child with him, That’s now 18 months old. That guy got killed as well — good job, Western forces — and now she wants to come back to Alabama. Here she is:

Muthara: When I was 17 I had an account on Twitter and we were all just normal Muslims speaking together, and we were just learning off of each other, feeding off of each other. We heard the Caliphate was announced and then we interpreted ourselves that it was obligatory upon us to go…[when she went to Syria] we didn’t see much about, what we did see when we did see it, we would see dead bodies in public.

“You know we’d see dead bodies.” But they knew that they were gonna see dead bodies because they were on these Twitter threads and in these internet groups that we’re talking about this, that’s why they left. Who wants to stay in boring, peaceful, free Alabama, when you can move to Syria and help Islamic militants slaughter innocents? Which is what this woman did. By the way, it’s not like she was eight or nine years old here, was captured and brought over there. She was 19 years old when she left the United States, she helped to spread ISIS propaganda on Twitter. She tweeted out “Americans wake up, go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood.”

We have a hard time in the West believing that people can think this way because we live in a basically decadent, secular, liberal society, so we have no conception of anyone truly believing that people should go on drive-bys and spill all of the blood, as this woman said, on Twitter. So we have this vulnerability, we don’t have a natural defense against these people who are vicious, vile terrorists who want to burn down everything that we have, want to spill our blood in the street — her words, not mine — what we want to do is just let them come back and that’s the compassionate thing, that’s the nice thing to do — that’s the imprudent thing to do. What does this woman think her punishment should be for leaving the United States and going to fight for ISIS?

Muthara: Maybe therapy lessons, it may be a process that will insure us that we’ll never do this again. Jail time, I don’t know if that has an effect on people.

Yeah, jail time, let’s not even consider that. How about just some nice therapy, maybe a good day at the spa, kind of let me get some of my troubles out of here, just relax a little bit, de-stress, maybe that would help. Wow, to be able to look an interviewer straight in the face and say, “Yes, I called for the spilling of American blood in the name of the Islamic state, I’d left and renounced my country, I joined a major international terrorist group and helped people slaughter innocents throughout the Middle East. I think I probably just need a little touch of therapy.” She does need some therapy, she also needs some prison.

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