The Only Thing Stopping Them 😂

by Mark Dice – 10/1/2019

I’d bet there is no “whistle blower”, they just made it all up.

*An army of trolls 😂😂😂 *who defend anything he does *on a cluster of websites ************************* They are still trying to demonize , marginalize and disable millions of decent , law abiding citizens … True enemy of good people everywhere .

When a commie hack like Oliver Darcy is getting his knickers in a twist, then you KNOW you’re doing the right thing!!!


Anything But That! 😆

By Mark Dice – 9/25/2019

Trump does nothing wrong CNN….. (he’s guilty and impeachment. ) Creepy joe Biden gets caught. CNN…(.there’s no proof) lmfao

Everything democrats level at Trump is what the dems have in fact done themselves.


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