#VoxAdpocalypse #SocialJustice #FreeSpeech Vox Adpocalypse Call For Censorship BACKFIRED Against The Left

Published on Jun 11, 2019

Vox Adpocalypse Campaign BACKFIRED Against The Left. After Carlos Maza of Vox demanded censorship of Steven Crowder Youtube announced new rules that resulted in the banning and censorship of teachers, journalists, and activists. While Crowder was penalized with demonetization the truth is that Crowder was already basically mass demonetized anyway. In the wake of the mass censorship from Vox Crowder announced he signed up more new mug club members now than in the company’s history. Louder With Crowder gained over 86,000 new subscribers as well. Did Carlos Maza get Crowder banned? No Did he get tons of innocent smaller channels banned? Yes Activists, progressives, and even people trying to debunk Crowder’s videos got videos removed or banned. Censorship does not work. This always happens and far left social justice activists don’t seem to ever learn. The result is harm to progressives and liberals and nothing but gains for conservatives and Steven Crowder.


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