AWKWARD: DNC Chair Ties Himself into Pretzel Defending Party’s Deputy Chair Keith Ellison over Abuse Allegations (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft

This is what you call “must-see TV.”
Democrat Party Chairman Tom Perez went on with Jake Tapper on CNN on Sunday.

Perez twisted himself into a pretzel trying to defend the party’s Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison over the current abuse allegations against him.

At one point Jake Tapper asked Perez if the victim Karen Monahan is believable.   Perez couldn’t give a clear answer.  It was awkward.

Popular Leftist Website Urges Readers to Cut Through Border Fences to Assist Migrant Caravans


A popular far-left Antifa website, which is frequently linked to or used as a source by more mainstream outlets like the Daily Beast, is urging readers to cut through border fences to assist the migrant caravans making their way to our border.


The website, It’s Going Down, argued that President Donald Trump vowing to protect our borders is inciting violence — and that their readers need to commit crimes to fight it.

In a section titled, “Step 2: Cut the Border Fences,” which is meant to be printed out as a flyer, the website insinuates that people should target everything from ICE vans to the construction sites of future detention centers.

“To actually short circuit this fascist project we must also research and ask what it means to materially disrupt the infrastructure that makes it possible. What do ICE vans look like, and how do we physically barricade them out of our neighborhoods and campuses? Which interstates will these vans take to the detention centers, and on what days? Who are contracting the construction of these centers, and where? Which terminals of the airports will be dedicated to detaining migrants? Which indigenous tribes and ranchers along the border are already organizing to blockade construction of The Wall? And how do you cut through razorwire anyway?” the website reads.


The website, and their Twitter account, frequently advocate for violence, vandalism and doxing supporters of the president — yet it has not been banned from the platform like so many on the right have been for lesser violations.

Trump has deployed the military to defend our borders as the caravans make their way through Mexico on their way to the United States.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced he would be launching a program called “You are home,” — which would allow the Central Americans to remain in Mexico and receive everything they need, including jobs and asylum. The caravan refused, determined to come to the United States despite the clear message from the administration that they will not be allowed in.

Trump’s Nationalism Is Undoing Decades of GOP Failure

Trump's Nationalism Is Undoing Decades of GOP Failure

By Gavin Wax

One thing the American Right has forgotten through their bromides in favor of hyper individualism and the meandering status quo-ism is that humans are inherently collective beings. Now while things like land collectivization and seizing the means of production are terrible as public policies, humans do yearn to connect with others under the banner of a shared, common culture, language, background, and history. 

Families, tribes, churches, fraternities, and other voluntary organic collectives are an integral and necessary part of the human experience. One such collective, I argue, is more important than all of those. It is the nation. Without a strong nation, all else collapses beneath it. When Americans are united amongst a common patriotism, everything else seems to fall into place. When they are not, the Constitution becomes little more than a piece of paper and society crumbles.

The neoliberal and neoconservative consensus – indeed, two wings on the same bird of prey feasting away at what’s left of the health and prosperity of America – have pushed a false ideology upon us. This ideology rewards rampant consumerism instead of thrift. It rewards selfishness at the expense of the greater good. It has caused free-falling birth rates, widespread cultural degeneracy, a fractured and atomized populous, the dumbing down of society, and now jeopardizes the future of Western Civilization as we know it.

This consensus is under attack like never before. With the legacy media faltering and public rage on the uptick, the perfect storm was formed and the inconceivable effect of President Donald Trump happened. This has sent shockwaves through the world, as the madman-in-chief dances to the beat of his own drummer. But there is clearly a method to his madness. He has re-introduced nationalism back into the public zeitgeist at a time when it is desperately needed. This is the antidote to the failed Republican dogma that has allowed the left to grow so formidable over the years.

Conservatives, many of whom are well-meaning polite individuals, fell into the trap of being assimilated to the establishment and adopting their value system. After years in the Beltway, they grew to care more about how some cocktail parties viewed them than doing what was right for their nation. Unfashionable issues on borders, foreign policy, trade, etc. can get you isolated in Washington DC and quickly out of a job. These conservatives were happy to cling to their think-tank credentials, their media perches, their bureaucratic positions, and other establishment spoils while America was pissed away on their watch.

Groups such as libertarians on the other hand were once the insurgents pushing back against the conservative status quo, but once they achieved a bit of success, they fell into the same trappings. They began to moderate themselves at the behest of political consultants, grew comfortable in their government posts, became accustomed to the attention and accolades of the spotlight, and could shortly no longer be differentiated from the establishment. Now, they are situated on the sidelines as irrelevant as they ever were with very few exceptions.

Trump’s aggressive push for nationalism will make it difficult for the mistakes of conservatism and libertarianism to be replicated once more. By keeping the focus on ‘America First’, it makes it difficult for special interests and oligarchs to co-opt the phenomenon he built. When the Koch Brothers propose globalist trade deals under ‘free market’ pretenses, it was difficult for a tea party conservative or libertarian to mount an effective argument against that policy. But for a nationalistic Trump Republican, it is second nature. If it doesn’t put America first, the policy must be rejected every single time without exception.

Trump’s message discipline is admirable. Although he may get caught in the weeds while making attacks on Twitter, he never loses focus of the big picture. It’s not about big government or small government. It is not about a set of esoteric principles that are no longer germane. It is not about maintaining the facade of prestige within rotting government institutions. It is only about making America as independent, secure, healthy and prosperous as possible. Nationalism is the only possible defense of Western Civilization against radical leftist globalism. We are blessed to have a President in the oval office who understands that reality.


Mainstream media denies violent group an invading force – NOVEMBER 4, 2018

Shock Video: 3rd Migrant Caravan Attacks Mexico's Border

Another Migrant Caravan attacked Mexico’s border & violently clashed with police! Migrants threw stones and glass bottles while security forces used rubber bullets and tear gas against the migrants. One migrant was killed and 6 police were injured.

‘Die Jew Rats’ synagogue vandal was anti-hate-crime intern & Democratic activist

‘Die Jew Rats’ synagogue vandal was anti-hate-crime intern & Democratic activist

Synagogue vandal James Polite seen alongside his former mentor, New York Democrat Christine Quinn © Facebook / Abraham Aali and Reuters / Andrew Kelly

In a bizarre twist, the man who spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti on a Brooklyn synagogue turned out to be “queer,” black, former anti-hate-crime intern, James Polite: a 26-year-old with loving Jewish foster parents.

Less than a week after a gunman murdered 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue, anti-Semitic graffiti was found scrawled inside Union Temple in Brooklyn’s predominantly Jewish Prospect Heights neighborhood. The graffiti read “Die Jew Rats” and “Hitler.”


A Democratic political event scheduled at the synagogue on Thursday night was canceled, and police investigated the incident as a hate crime. After being caught on the synagogue’s CCTV cameras, James Polite was arrested on Friday.

Far from being an archetypal tattooed skinhead, Polite is a black former Democratic intern who had his college education bankrolled by the New York Times’ ‘Neediest Cases Fund.’

Polite had a rough upbringing, according to a 2017 New York Times profile. He told the Times he identifies as “queer” and felt misunderstood at home. As a young teenager, he requested that he be placed in foster care, and spent the following years shunted from home to home.


“Nobody gotta die. Mexico, latin America, carribean (sic) vs. Jew n*gger pigs. One person touch me this whole shit a smoking,” he wrote.

In the comments, friends urged Polite to seek professional help, and his one-time mentor Quinn wrote after his arrest that she was “simply and utterly devastated.”

“I knew this young man,” she wrote. “And while he has experienced hardship that most people can’t ever imagine, his actions are inexcusable.”


While Polite’s life seems to have gone down a dark path, from New York Times poster boy to synagogue vandal, he is not the first unlikely suspect to be busted for hate crimes in recent years. Last year, Israeli police arrested a 19-year-old Israeli Jew in connection with hundreds of bomb threats made to Jewish community centers across America.

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ECHR twisted logic: You can insult Christian but not Muslim religion

ECHR twisted logic: You can insult Christian but not Muslim religion

By John Laughland

Two recent rulings by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) demonstrate not only that it’s a political and hypocritical organization. They also show the severe structural defects of human rights law in general.

On October 25, the ECHR found in favor of Austria and against a claimant, Frau S., who had been prosecuted for saying in 2008 that the Prophet Mohammed “was a pedophile” because he had married a six-year-old girl. The applicant had claimed that the criminal sentence she received violated her right to free speech, enshrined in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Court found against her and in favor of Austria, which had convicted her of inciting religious hatred.

On July 17, the same ECHR, by contrast, had found in favor of Russian applicants from the now famous ‘Pussy Riot’ band, and against the Russian state, which convicted them for having incited religious hatred by staging a performance of a ‘punk prayer’ in Moscow’s Christ the Savior cathedral in 2012. This case was considered under three different articles of the European Convention on Human Rights but it made two judgements under the same Article 10 which the judges later said could not protect Frau S. In the Pussy Riot case, the court found that the girls’ right to freedom of expression under Article 10 had been violated.

In other words, according to the Strasbourg court, you are allowed to insult the Christian religion but not the Muslim religion. It is difficult to think of a more obvious case of double standards than this. Worse, and as Gregor Puppinck of the European Centre of Law and Justice in Strasbourg has pointed out, it is clear that the court justified finding in favor of Austria, and against Frau S., purely out of fear of Muslims. In numerous paragraphs of the ruling, it defends Austria’s conviction of the woman in the name of the goal of protecting “religious peace.” This can mean nothing else other than that peace might be threatened by Muslims if Austrians insult the prophet of Islam. In other words, the court is failing in its primordial role, which is surely to uphold the right of speech against threats of violence against them.

READ MORE: Russia appeals €37,000 European fine over Pussy Riot case

The double standards are all the more shocking because Frau S. was discussing facts. The Austrian courts ruled that the fact that Mohammed had married a small girl, and consummated that marriage when the girl was nine, did not justify her calling him a pedophile. By contrast, there are no facts at issue in the Pussy Riot case, whose action in the cathedral was purely designed to shock. In other words, the intentionality of the Pussy Riot girls cannot be in doubt, whereas it requires a speculative leap about her motives to say that Frau S. was deliberately trying to incite hatred.

The upholding of the conviction of Frau S. is also in contradiction with another ruling by the ECHR, in this case concerning Lithuania. In January of this year, the court ruled in favor of a clothing company which had used irreverent images of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary to promote its sales. This too was defended in the name of freedom of speech under Article 10. So, the ECHR is prepared to protect blasphemous or offensive freedom of speech even if the goal is purely commercial and not political – but only if the offence is against Christians and not against Muslims.

These gross inconsistencies show the structural defects of human rights law. The European Convention on Human Rights is a series of generalized statements about what sort of rights people should enjoy. Because they are necessarily general statements, these “rights” only become law after a ruling by a judge in a particular case. Because the judge has only these general statements to go on, and not a specific legislative act, he or she can more or less decide the case according to his or her personal opinion. It is in the very nature of such “human rights” courts that they give grossly excessive power to judges.

In proper legal systems, the law consists of detailed national legislation and specific rulings (jurisprudence). The role of the judge is to apply the law as it is: he or she has no room for personal maneuver. By contrast, in human rights courts, as in the Supreme Court of the United States, it is effectively judges who make the law. This is a very bad state of affairs because it turns courts into political instruments and judges into politicians, as we see every time there is a new appointment to the US Supreme Court.

The situation in Strasbourg is worse than in the US because a large majority of the judges at the ECHR had never been judges before. They may have a law degree but they have usually never sat on a bench before going to Strasbourg. Very often, they have been government employees. This means that they come to the job without the very specific training and experience which all judges should have. Instead, they often approach their job with a political agenda: this was, for example, the case of a Belgian judge who became vice-president of the court and who took up her appointment with an avowed determination to implement progressive policies.

This is why the ECHR has been so easily hijacked by political progressives who have pushed through a raft of political issues which should be decided by national parliaments after public debate and in accordance with public opinion. A large number of practices which either did not exist, or which were illegal, when the Convention was drawn up in 1950 have now been enforced by the ECHR against national legislation – abortion; in vitro fertilization; pre-implantation screening (in a ruling which promulgates the right to eugenics by declaring the applicants’ “right to bring a child into the world which is not affected by the illness that they carry”); the right to practice violent sado-masochism; the right for transsexuals to marry; the right to surrogate motherhood; the right to suicide (under Article 8 on respect for private and family life); and conscientious objection to military service. In this last ruling, the ECHR judges specifically gave themselves the right to change the law by saying that “it should have a dynamic and evolutive approach.”

Three things are clear from this list. First, these sorts of rights are clearly not the core human rights which the authors of the European Convention in 1950 thought needed protecting against dictatorial states. They are instead modish lifestyle choices. Second, the fact that these social changes have been pushed through by the ECHR means that we live under a government of judges – unelected judges who make the law in place of elected legislatures. Third, if the ECHR continues along the same path it has adopted for decades, then Europe will effectively have a law forbidding blasphemy against Islam but not against Christianity. The Court will thereby have decisively betrayed its claim to be acting in the name of universal values. Under such circumstances, it should be closed down.

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Georgia Investigating Democrats For Allegedly Hacking Voting System

By Tyler Durden

Two days before the Nov. 6 midterm elections, Georgia Secretary of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp revealed on Sunday that his office is opening an investigation into the Georgia Democratic Party on allegations that it attempted to hack the state’s voting system, including allegations of possible cyber crimes.


Kempe, whose office announced the investigation in a Sunday morning news release, didn’t reveal any details of the probe, which comes on the heels of a court victory by Democrats, who successfully challenged the state’s attempt to de-register 50,000 voters under the state’s “exact match” voter ID law, according to the Daily Caller.

“While we cannot comment on the specifics of an ongoing investigation, I can confirm that the Democratic Party of Georgia is under investigation for possible cyber-crimes,” Kempe press secretary Candice Broce said in the release. Both the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have been alerted.

The state Democratic Party has called the allegations “100% false” and “an abuse of power” by Kempe. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a computer scientist and attorney who are currently suing Kempe said that the lawsuit is “an attempt to distract from a report about vulnerabilities in the state’s voter registration website.”

The “vulnerabilities” could potentially allow anybody to access the voting records of individual voters.

Poll numbers between Kempe and his opponent, Democrat Stacy Abrams, have tightened to within a two percentage point margin as Abrams has benefited from several celebrity endorsements, including the support of Oprah Winfrey, who joined Abrams in knocking on doors last week.

The Daily Caller quoted Abrams as saying the lawsuit was a “desperate attempt” to sway the vote in Kempe’s favor ahead of the election.

“I’ve heard nothing about it, and my reaction would be that this is a desperate attempt on the part of my opponent to distract people from the fact that two different federal judges found him derelict in his duties and have forced him to accept absentee ballots to be counted and those who are being held captive by the exact match system to be allowed to vote,” Abrams said.

For many Georgia voters, news of the investigation will not be taken lightly. According to a poll conducted by the AJC and a local TV station, many voters in the state are concerned about the integrity of its elections, including fears about tampering and ineligible voters casting ballots.

Cruz to Caravan: ‘Make Yourself At Home’ At Homes of Beto Supporters – ‘They Don’t Believe in Walls!’

By Chris Menahan

Ted Cruz joked on Tuesday that if the migrant caravan manages to make it into the US they should “make [themselves] at home” at the homes of Beto O’Rouke supporters where they can get “free housing, free food [and] free health care.”


From KTSM:

Cruz rallied in San Angleo on Tuesday, discussing issues such as immigration. During his speech, he specifically made his feelings clear to his supporters that the caravan of Central American migrants were not welcomed, but, if they made it they should turn to O’Rourke’s supporters for help.

“When you get here, we have identified homes, that are willing to take you in to give you free housing, free food, free health care,” Cruz said. “And every one of these homes is self identified with a little black and white sign that says Beto. Don’t bother knocking, just kick the door and they don’t believe in walls, so just let yourself in, and make yourself at home.”

This should be the standard response anytime a lib says we need to let these people in. Tucker used it against Jorge Ramos last week to hilarious effect:

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