(HOOD RATS ARE HAVE TAKEN OVER CHICAGO) – Chicago Poised To Elect Its First African American Female Mayor, Send Indicted Alderman Back To Office


Chicago will elect its first African-American female mayor, after a strange, 14-candidate race came to an end Tuesday in the city primary.

Both candidates, Cook County board president Toni Preckwinkle and former Police Oversight Board chairwoman Lori Lightfoot, are considered “outside” candidates, with few attachments to Chicago’s fabled Democratic machine, but with deep ties to the city’s far left, progressive elements.

The fourteen-way race was in a dead heat until nearly the end, with polls predicting varied outcomes, none of which played out Tuesday night. Lightfoot, a relative unknown and newcomer to Chicago elections — though not to Chicago politics — was the city’s top vote-getter, commanding around 17% of the vote. Preckwinkle, a more well-known commodity, often maligned for instituting the city’s disasterous (and now repealed) “sugary drinks tax,” came in second with 16%, according to the Chicago Tribune’s official election results.

Most surprising, though, was the result for former President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley, whose last name is on nearly every building and public park in the city. Bill Daley is a relative of long-serving mayors Richard J. and Richard M. Daley, and was expected to do well in the mayoral race.

After last night’s votes were counted, Daley didn’t even pick up traditional Democratic (and Daley) strongholds, leaving him in third, with only 15% of the vote. Those went to Jerry Joyce, who barely finished with 7%.

Both Preckwinkle and Lightfood are progressives, even by Chicago standards, and ran far to the left of current mayor Rahm Emanuel. Both had platforms that embraced an elected school board — something most mayors hesitate to do, lest the city’s education system fall fully into union control — civilian oversight of the police department, and a tax scheme designed to correct “wealth inequality” within the city.

But they both also represent a landmark achievement in diversity for the city; come April 2nd, no matter who wins the final mayoral election, Chicago will have its first African-American female mayor. Only one woman, Jane Byrne, has served in the office previously.

The Bee Explains: Common Racist Hand Signals

By Babylon Bee

If there’s one thing you’ve noticed about white nationalists, it’s that they have hands. And something they’ve been doing a lot with their hands lately is sending out secret messages in support of white supremacy. If you see anyone doing any of these hand gestures, you can be certain they are a racist and should report them to the nearest racism reporting facility (usually Twitter).

This racist hand symbol is very popular right now. It’s to say “OK” as in “Racism is A-OK.”

This sign signals to other people that you believe one race is superior to all the others. Just say no to the One symbol.

This is very similar to the “One” symbol, but doubly racist because it is two fingers instead of one. Some people think this means “peace” or “two,” but they are probably secret racists.

Liberals Pinning All Hopes, Dreams On Testimony Of Seedy Lawyer

U.S.—Liberals across the country are pinning all their hopes and wildest dreams on the testimony of a lone, sleazy attorney, sources confirmed Wednesday.

As Michael Cohen arrived to give his testimony before the House, Democrats all over the nation said a prayer to no one in particular that the completely unreliable testimony of a sleazeball lawyer would singlehandedly bring down the Trump presidency, causing the nation to instantly transform into a progressive utopia with free healthcare, college, and cell phones for all.

“I just really need this,” said one woman in Portland, Oregon. “It’s been a really tough couple years for me under the Trump Reich. I mean, I am making more money than I was before, and I have more full-time employment opportunities, but that’s literally oppression because Trump.”

Various Twitter accounts with blue checkmarks excitedly tweeted that the suspect testimony of a lone lawyer who until recently associated with the “orange man” they hate so much would bring his whole presidency crashing to the ground.

At publishing time, the nation’s conservatives had announced they would be pinning all their hopes and dreams on the moral character of their president, who until recently associated with the sleazy lawyer.


Ilhan Omar Claims 'Dictator' Trump Impeachment 'Inevitable' -- Silent On Actual Dictator Maduro

Turns blind eye to socialist regime’s mass starvation, killings, crackdowns of Venezuelan protesters

 | Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 27, 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) asserted that President Trump is a “dictator” whose impeachment is “inevitable,” but she still hasn’t condemned socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro for killing dissenters with death squads.

“I believe that impeachment is inevitable. It also is a terrifying notion,” Omar tweeted Wednesday. “Nations struggle any time they overthrow a dictator, and Trump really has the markings of a dictator.”


Rather than offer evidence of Trump behaving like a “dictator,” Omar instead linked to a Rolling Stone fluff piece about herself.

Omar’s silence around Maduro’s recent mass killings of anti-socialist protesters even drew the attention of leftist outlet The Washington Post:

“The spread of death-squad tactics has been one of the most stomach-churning aspects of this year’s political crisis — with mass fear spreading through poorer areas and just a handful of victims daring to come forward and tell their stories on the record,” wrote Francisco Toro earlier this month.

“And that rather than standing up to Maduro’s death squads, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) had used an exchange with the Trump administration’s envoy to pressure the United States to do nothing at all to rein them in.”

Furthermore, Omar embarrassed herself by sniping at the U.S. envoy to Venezuela over war crimes that took place decades ago, Toro said.

“In a grotesque display of contempt for the Venezuelan mothers grieving for their children the Maduro regime has murdered in recent weeks, Omar chose to use her stage to attack the U.S. envoy, Elliott Abrams, for decades-old abuses in Central America.”

“Showcasing astonishing insensitivity to the victims of a human rights catastrophe that is still ongoing today, she disgraced her perch in Congress and scored an invaluable propaganda victory to the regime sponsoring the exact type of human rights abuses she imagines herself to be opposing,” he added.

Of course, despite the fact Trump is obviously not a dictator due to America’s system of checks and balances, it won’t stop Omar from trying to score political points while ignoring actual atrocities in South America.


Seattle Police Ask Journalist to Stop Filming Antifa Because He Might Trigger Them


Seattle Police Tell Journalist Stop Filming Antifa

Antifa shouted anti-police chants as the police asked the journalist to leave.

An independent journalist was recording a Seattle, Washington Antifa protest when local police asked him to stop filming, as his presence may have created an unsafe situation for protesters.

Independent conservative journalist Saleem Juma traveled to Washington University’s campus in Seattle to film an Antifa protest that featured black bloc protesters holding signs reading “Fight Capitalism”, “Blue Lives Murder”, “Bigots Out”, and featuring hammers and sickles.

Eventually, Seattle police asked Juma to leave the area, explaining that his presence as a journalist was creating an unsafe space for the protest.

After first being asked to leave by one officer, Juma responded “See the thing is, officer, we’re actually legally allowed to come to these protests and ask questions,” and noted the several times when protesters crowded his personal space that he recorded on video.

“If I’m standing here and five or six of them come surround me, I think they’re the ones being the aggressors here,” Juma said to the officer, who did not respond.

By this point the protesters were loudly chanting anti-police slogans as the officers attempted to help them by removing a journalist from the scene.

“It’s not illegal to ask questions,” Juma said, “We do have the right to ask questions.”

After noting that he was an accredited journalist with a pres pass, another uniformed officer approached him, and began shaking his head in the negative before saying “Not today.”

“Our job is to come here and ask people what they’re doing here,” the journalist told the officer, noting that he has every right to be there.

The police officer rebutted, telling him that the protesters “don’t want to talk to [him].”

Again, the journalist explained that it is his job to be there and asking questions. The police officer continued denying his right to be there.

“It’s clear that your presence is creating additional anxiety on some of their part,” the officer shot back, “That’s just not smart.”

He then asked Juma again whether or not he had press passes, and suggested he go inside the school and wait for individual protesters to come find him for interviews.

Eventually, realizing the police were not going to allow him to peacefully ask questions and record the far left protesters, Juma asked his camera man if they had enough footage and proceeded to leave the area.


See the source image

By Michele Blood

An 81-year-old New Jersey man was allegedly assaulted in a supermarket Monday afternoon following a confrontation over a “Make America Great Again” hat he was wearing, the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office said in a press release Tuesday.

The Franklin Township man sustained minor injuries, according to the statement, but declined medical attention.

The incident, currently under active investigation, occurred at 3:24 p.m. on Monday at a supermarket on Elizabeth Avenue.

The only supermarket in the township on Elizabeth Avenue, as MyCentralJersey reported, is ShopRite.

A representative of the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office told The Daily Caller they are “not releasing any additional information at this time due to it being an ongoing and active investigation.”

Somerset County Prosecutor Michael H. Robertson, Chief of County Detectives John W. Fodor, and Franklin Township Chief of Police Richard Grammar requested the public’s help in providing any information they may have about the incident.

The alleged attack in New Jersey is among a string of incidents in the headlines this month in which the alleged victims were sporting MAGA hats. (RELATED: Student’s MAGA Apparel Allegedly Gets Ripped Off At School: ‘Take That Sh*t Off N*****)

Last week, 41-year-old Rosiane Santos allegedly assaulted a MAGA hat-wearing man in a Falmouth, Massachusetts restaurant, snatching the hat off his head. Tuesday, the Brazilian national was apprehended by Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities. Santos was later released from ICE custody and ordered to appear before an immigration judge for removal proceedings, as CBS News reported today.

Earlier this month, 57-year-old James Phillips of Cottontown, Tennessee allegedly pulled a gun on a man who was wearing a MAGA hat while shopping at a Sam’s Club in Kentucky.

Reports by phone may be made by contacting the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit at (908) 231-7100, the Franklin Township Police Department at (732) 873-5533, or the Somerset or County Crime Stoppers’ Tip Line at 1-888-577-TIPS (8477). Anonymous reports can also be made via the STOPit app using the access code: SOMERSETNJ.

Hollywood Freaks Out over Michael Cohen Hearing Trump ‘Going Down,’ GOP Is ‘Deathkkkult’ ‘I can’t believe I’m rooting for this piece of sh*t’


By Justin Caruso

Hollywood exploded with unhinged hot takes Wednesday as President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen spoke at a congressional hearing about his work for Trump.

During the hearing, Michael Cohen produced copies of checks from the president to him, purported to be reimbursement for hush money payment to Stormy Daniels.

Cohen also admitted that he has no actual evidence of the 2016 campaign colluding with Russia, but that he has “suspicions” about it.

Nonetheless, Hollywood treated Cohen’s hearing like a blockbuster event.

“It’s good for America to see how gop is complete deathkkkult” actor John Cusack exclaimed.





“oh the gop is pissed and we haven’t even started… this is gonna be good – trump is going down – OH HAPPY DAY !!” Rosie O’Donnell celebrated.


Debra Messing focused on Cohen’s claim that Trump knew about Wikileaks dumping stolen emails before they were released.

Celebrity activist Alyssa Milano decided to focus on Cohen’s claim that Trump was a “racist” and “conman.”

Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright chimed in, “Mark Meadows really rolled out a black woman…like a prop…to bolster his racism angle. Ok, Tex.”


Chelsea Handler, meanwhile, used to event to poke fun at “rich white men.”

“This Cohen testimony has shown me a lot of things, but mostly that these rich white men could benefit from a nightly moisturizing routin,” the Netflix host said.


TBS host Samantha Bee hoped for Michael Cohen to cry during the hearing:

Check out all the Hollywood reactions and watch the Cohen testimony here.





Footage of People Eating Out of Garbage Truck Prompted Venezuelan Dictator to Detain Journalists

Video showed starving Venezuelans picking food out of trash

Infowars.com – FEBRUARY 27, 2019

Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was detained Monday at the Venezuelan presidential palace after reportedly showing dictator Nicolas Maduro a video of his people eating from a garbage truck.

The footage was released by one of Ramos’ associates Monday, and shows three Venezuelan men picking food out of the back of the truck before it drives off.

“These are the images that Jorge Ramos showed to Nicolás Maduro and provoked him to get up from the interview,” Ramos’ peer Enrique Acevedo tweeted in Spanish. “This is what Maduro doesn’t want the world to see.”

Ramos says he had been questioning Maduro for roughly 17 minutes about the current state of affairs in the country where hyperinflation and failed socialist policies have driven its people to starvation.

“He didn’t like the things we were asking him about the lack of democracy in Venezuela, about torture, political prisoners, the humanitarian crisis that they were living,” Ramos later told Univision after being released.

Ramos says he next presented Maduro the startling footage, at which point a man walked in and stopped the interview.

“Immediately after, one of his ministers, Jorge Rodríguez, came to tell us that the interview was not authorized,” Ramos said.

Ramos’ equipment was allegedly confiscated and his team detained and questioned for over two hours.

A Mexican government official called on Venezuela to release the journalists and return their equipment, saying, “Our country calls for respect for freedom of expression.”

White House Assistant Secretary Kimberly Breier also condemned Maduro’s actions and called for the Univision team to be released.


Ramos and his associates were released later Monday, according to a tweet from Univision.


Maduro has struggled to maintain power in the wake of the United States’ and other countries’ declaration they recognize Juan Guaido as the nation’s true president.

Meanwhile, Guaido says he plans to return to Caracas this week from Colombia, where he traveled to provide humanitarian aid, in defiance of a Venezuelan Supreme Court orderprohibiting him from leaving Venezuela.

Maduro told ABC News this week he will leave it to the justice system to hold Guaido accountable.

Andrew Cuomo Signs Gun Confiscation Into Law in New York

The legislation allows gun rights to be stripped from private citizens without any criminal conviction.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the latest New York law expressing the state’s hostility to the Second Amendment Monday.

The “Red Flag” law will take effect in 180 days.

The legislation allows the court system to seize legally owned firearms without a criminal conviction. Private individuals, law enforcement and school administration can request that judges impose gun confiscation on those they personally deem a threat to themselves or others.

The bill lays out a process through which a judge can issue an order preventing individuals deemed to be a security risk from either possessing or buying a gun for six days.

Trending: Conservative Journalist Jacob Engels Suspended On Twitter For Calling Out Radical Islam

During that period, a hearing would be held in which the judge could extend the gun ownership ban for up to a year- all without any form of criminal conviction, and merely at the request on an individual who deems another to be a dangerous threat.

The backdoor, extrajudicial gun confiscation is gaining popularity across the country, as an alternative to policies that would ordinarily require criminal convictions to strip Americans of their Second Amendment Rights.

Even Republicans in nominally conservative states such as Arizona are pushing to implement systems that would allow for red flag gun confiscation.

New York already has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. Firearms deemed to be “assault weapons” are banned, and the state has imposed a licensing system for ownership of all guns.

Gun ownership in New York City itself is largely restricted to the wealthy and politically connected, as the city utilizes a complicated permit system that largely prices out middle and working-class law abiding citizens from gun ownership.

(ANOTHER HOOD RAT LOVER) – Ellen Page Refuses to Apologize in Op-Ed After Blaming Trump, Pence for Jussie Smollett Hoax

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - DECEMBER 10: Ellen Page attends the Netflix Original Series ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Press Conference on December 10, 2018 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images for Netflix )

By Justin Caruso

Actress Ellen Page addressed her role in promoting the Jussie Smollett hate hoax in an op-ed published Wednesday and refused to apologize to President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence for blaming them for the “attack.”

“The conversation around Jussie Smollett has led us all to examine hate violence and its implications and aftermath,” Ellen Page wrote in The Hollywood Reporter.

“I had no reason to doubt Jussie. My work on Gaycation — the docuseries I produced to chronicle LGBTQ+ stories from around the world — introduced me to many survivors of hate violence. I know how prevalent and pernicious it can be. If this situation was staged, it could make victims even more reluctant to report these crimes. Very real crimes.”

Page wrote:

While the media and public debate the case and await more information, we must not lose sight of the very real, endemic violence that LGBTQ+ people, people of color and other underrepresented communities face every day.

I ask you not to question our pain, not to draw into question our trauma, but to maintain, wholeheartedly, that hate violence exists. The merits of one case should not and cannot call that into question. The media coverage does not convey the reality and totality of the cruelty and danger we face. This is the story that must be told.

When the rhetoric we read and the hate speech we hear comes from our politicians, our media and entertainment, our neighbors and families and our religious leaders, we internalize the pain in damaging, self-defeating ways. We are wary and afraid to report hate violence. We lose hope as we continue to be victimized. The cruelty, the hate and the words manifest shame.

In the article, she fails to apologize for her role in casting blame on Donald Trump and Mike Pence for the “attack” on Empire actor Jussie Smollett, that Chicago police now believe was staged by the actor himself.

Following the hoax attack, the Juno actress appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and blamed the Trump administration for the hoax attack. Many Hollywood celebrities also blamed Trump and his supporters for the “attack.”

“The vice president of America wishes I didn’t have the love with my wife,” the 32-year-old said.

“If you are in a position of power and you hate people, and you want to cause suffering to them, you go through the trouble, you spend your career trying to cause suffering, what do you think is going to happen? Kids are going to be abused and they’re going to kill themselves, and people are going to be beaten on the street!”

Page even defended Smollett personally, saying, “We have a media that says it’s a debate that whether or not what happened to Jussie Smollett is a hate crime. It’s absurd. Its not a fucking debate.”

That interview, posted on Colbert’s YouTube page under the title, “Ellen Page Calls Out Hateful Leadership,” went viral.

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