Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Trump Jr… …Don Rebuffs Republicans Take on First Family

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By Matt Boyle

Donald Trump, Jr., President Donald Trump’s eldest son, is rebuffing a subpoena from the Senate Intelligence Committee attempting to compel him to testify again before Congress on the Russia hoax scandal, setting off a major internal battle inside the Republican Party.

The news was broken on Wednesday afternoon by Axios.

“The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to answer questions about his previous testimony before Senate investigators in relation to the Russia investigation, sources with direct knowledge told Axios,” Axios reported on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s the first congressional subpoena — that we know about — of one of President Trump’s children,” Axios added. “The subpoena sets up a fight that’s unprecedented in the Trump era: A Republican committee chair pit against the Republican president’s eldest son.”

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This development is particularly significant because the Senate Intelligence Committee–chaired by Republican Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and run by the GOP-controlled Senate Majority–pushing to subpoena Trump, Jr., comes in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluding his investigation. Mueller found no evidence of collusion, or conspiracy, between President Trump’s campaign and the Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election–or between the Russians and any American for that matter–and did not find evidence of obstruction of justice, effectively clearing the president on all counts.

It also comes after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who ultimately controls the Senate Intelligence Committee because he is the Majority Leader in the Senate, declared earlier this week regarding the Russia hoax that it was “case closed.” This effort by Burr flies in the face of what McConnell said, and threatens to seriously escalate differences between Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration at a time when the left seeks to create dissent among Republicans ahead of the critical 2020 presidential election.

“We do not discuss the details of witness engagements with the Committee,” the Senate Intelligence Committee spokesperson said in a statement to Axios. “Throughout the investigation, the Committee has reserved the right to recall witnesses for additional testimony as needed, as every witness and witness counsel has been made aware.”

Despite the Senate Committee’s claim that it does not discuss witness engagements with the media, Breitbart News is aware of several reporters who were told of this by the committee in an effort to push this into the news in the wake of McConnell’s claim that the case is closed on Russia. These reporters are aware of who they are, and more investigation into the Senate Intelligence Committee leaks on this front is likely.

Attorney General Bill Barr, who testified last week before a different Senate panel, has come under serious criticism by Democrats in Congress for the way he has characterized the report. Nonetheless, most of the report is public despite some redactions and Barr’s characterizations of it are essentially immaterial at this stage. Indeed, Mueller himself apparently was not happy with the initial media coverage of Barr’s first letter on the top-line conclusions of the Mueller report–he made that clear to Barr in a letter and phone call–but did not find Barr’s four-page letter to be inaccurate in any way. Mueller’s full report, with redactions for different reasons including protecting ongoing case matters and grand jury proceedings, has since been released publicly, so Mueller’s objections to the original coverage are essentially a moot point now, the Department of Justice contends.

The move on Trump, Jr., by Senate Republicans also comes as House Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday moved to hold Barr in contempt of Congress over his refusal to appear last week before the committee and his refusal to provide the full un-redacted Mueller report to Congress despite the need to protect sources and methods and classified information. Barr did testify, however, before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week.

While expectedly Democrats on Capitol Hill are continuing their fervor over Trump and Russia despite the complete collapse of the narrative, with even some pushing for impeachment of President Trump or worse, the fact that the GOP-led Senate would push to keep the hoax alive is particularly significant. Trump, a Republican, has gotten near-unanimous support from Republican lawmakers as the Russia collusion narrative died, but notably some more establishment-minded Republicans are holding out.

Chief among them is Burr, who is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and has been in the wake of the Mueller report attempting to bring Trump, Jr., before his committee for more questioning. Trump, Jr., previously testified for more than 9 hours before the Senate Intelligence Committee, staying there until senators had no more questions to ask him and answering every single question senators had for him, while also producing hundreds of thousands of documents to Congress including more than 30,000 to this committee alone. Trump, Jr., also testified before two other congressional committees–totaling more than 22 hours of congressional testimony adding up to more than 1,000 pages of transcript. When it came to the Senate Intelligence Committee, too, Burr had previously agreed that Trump, Jr., would testify once–stay as long as senators needed answering all their questions until they had no more–and then that would be it and it would be over.

When Trump, Jr., and his attorneys–in light of all that substantial cooperation with Congress that found no wrongdoing by Trump, Jr., and the Special Counsel report clearing him of any allegations of wrongdoing–refused Burr’s requests for Trump, Jr., to appear again in contravention of Burr’s original promises that he would only have Trump, Jr., testify once, Burr moved to subpoena Trump, Jr. Burr’s behavior, a source close to Trump, Jr., told Breitbart News, will not be forgotten and will have deep wide-ranging consequences for all Senate Republicans.

“It’s outrageous that Senator Burr appears to be taking his marching orders from liberal Democrats intent on trying to take down the President and his family to harass a private citizen who has already spent nine hours testifying in front of the Senate Intel Committee,” the source close to Trump, Jr., told Breitbart News. “When Don agreed to testify to the Senate Intel Committee in 2017, there was an agreement between Don and the Committee that it would be a ‘one and done testimony’ and in return Don agreed to answer any questions for as long a time as they’d like. Don fulfilled his end of the agreement; clearly Senator Burr is not fulfilling his side of it. It’s bad enough that he has to deal with constant harassment from Democrats in the House, but it’s shocking to see Senate Republicans join them in this harassment campaign. Unfortunately for them, Don Jr. has a long memory and come the 2020 campaign season, when Senate Republicans are begging him to raise money and campaign for them, he will remember where every Senate Republican stood on this.”

McConnell, up for re-election in Kentucky next year, has framed himself as something of a warrior against the left’s forces in recent years. He did fight to get now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmed amid the allegations against him and has pushed through other Trump priorities–but, if McConnell allows Burr to continue promoting the Russia hoax, he could lose all that good will quickly.

McConnell, who empowers Burr by allowing him to be the chairman but is up for re-election in 2020, may also face serious consequences for allowing Burr to do this. A longtime major donor to McConnell and top ally of the White House told Breitbart News that it is imperative that McConnell immediately remove Burr as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, full stop.

“What Burr’s doing isn’t just a slap in the face to the President and his family, its a slap in the face to Americans across the country,” the top McConnell donor said. “It’s incumbent that Leader McConnell steps up to the plate and strips Senator Burr’s Chairmanship of the Intel Committee. If he refuses to do that, then he shoulders just as much blame for this travesty of justice as the Senator from North Carolina.”

The Trump universe is furious with Senate Republicans over this, to the point where they blame every Senate Republican for Burr’s actions–and believe that Burr has now sparked a “civil war” inside the GOP, which was until now mostly unified after years of infighting.

“By doing this, Senator Burr just started a civil war in the Republican Party with someone who has undoubtedly become one of the biggest superstars in the eyes of the base,” a former high-ranking Trump White House official told Breitbart News. “If I were a Republican Senator up for reelection 2020, I would be furious with Senator Burr because he assuredly just made their reelection campaigns that much more difficult.”

It remains to be seen what happens next, but Senate Republicans under the guise of McConnell and Burr may have just reopened a Pandora’s Box of chaos inside the party moving into 2020.

Seattle School District Urges Teachers to Follow CAIR Guidelines on Blessing Muslim Students During Ramadan

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 25: A young boy looks on as Muslims participate in a group prayer service during Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in Bensonhurst Park in the Brooklyn borough June 25, 2017 in New York City. Muslims around the …


Dieringer School District in Seattle, Washington, is calling on its teachers to follow CAIR-issued guidelines regarding adherence to Islam. The school district is urging its teachers to bless Muslim students by reciting Arabic to them during Ramadan.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued an “Informative Letter on Upcoming Islamic Holidays and Religious Accommodations,” pressing school district officials to have their teachers recite “Ramadan Mubarak!” or “Ramadan Kareem” when welcoming Muslim students during Ramadan, according to the religious liberty advocacy group Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF).

The letter also instructs teachers to monitor Muslim students’ Ramadan fasting, as well as to refrain from scheduling tests during the Islamic holidays Eid Al-Fitr and Eid, adds FCDF.

One school district has reportedly reacted to the letter by urging its teachers to follow the CAIR-issued guidelines. FCDF says that Dieringer School District superintendent Judy Martinson enacted the CAIR letter as official District policy by distributing the guidelines to principals, who then distributed it to all teachers and staff.

“By urging teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic, the District is running roughshod over the First Amendment’s mandate of government neutrality toward religion,” said FCDF executive director Daniel Piedra.

“A school district would never order teachers to ‘welcome’ Catholic students during Easter with ‘He is risen, alleluia!’” added Piedra, “Singling out Muslim students for special treatment is blatantly unconstitutional.”

FCDF sent a legal memo to Martinson on Monday, warning the superintendent that the school district is likely violating the United States Constitution by favoring Muslim students, and that the advocacy group may take legal action if the district does not “rescind the Ramadan Policy within a reasonable time.”

“To be clear, nothing in the Constitution prohibits public schools from accommodating students’ religious exercise to the extent it would not interfere with educational interests,” states the memo, “‘But the religious liberty protected by the Constitution is abridged when the State affirmatively sponsors’ religious practice.”

“Here, by issuing the CAIR Letter to District employees, you acted under color of state law to create an official policy that has a primary effect of advancing religion,” adds the advocacy group, “The Ramadan Policy, in both adoption and implementation, plainly imposes liability on the District under the United States and Washington Constitutions.”

The letter also warns Martinson about CAIR’s anti-Semitic advocacy, as well as its ties to Islamist supremacists.

DIVaffirms the legal memo.

“These facts are not anti-Muslim conspiracy theories,” adds the letter, “Federal prosecutors have acknowledged that Muslim Brotherhood leaders founded CAIR and that it has conspired with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to support terrorists.”

“CAIR is also noted for its anti-Semitic activism,” continued FCDF, citing a the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which had published a “Profile” two years ago regarding CAIR and its chapters partnering “with various anti-Israel groups that seek to isolate and demonize the Jewish State.”

FCDF says that the CAIR-issued Ramadan guidelines are “yet another attempt by CAIR to infiltrate uninformed school districts so it can advance its subversive agenda.”

“CAIR must not be allowed to indoctrinate impressionable schoolchildren under the guise of ‘diversity’ and ‘cultural awareness,’” states the advocacy group, “FCDF is committed to keeping CAIR out of our America’s public schools.”

Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To “Remain In Mexico”

Published on May 8, 2019

Trump WINS Appeal Requiring Migrants To “Remain In Mexico.” Once again there was a legal challenge to stop Donald Trump’s “remain in mexico” program but once again Trump has won. In an unusual victory for Trump ‘remain in mexico’ remains and asylum claimants will be required to wait in Mexico while asylum claims are being processed. Conservatives argue that most asylum seekers do not qualify and many don’t turn up for court “disappearing into the US.” The left argues that we should expand asylum to cover more issues instead of certain protected classes. As migrant caravans continue to move toward the US the issue of the migrant crisis is gaining more attention with even the New York Times editorial board siding with Trump and telling Congress to give him the money he is asking for. With Trump decrying illegal immigration as a key issue for his past and upcoming campaigns this will be a huge victory toward the Trump agenda.

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Paris: Islamist Bus Driver Refuses to Pick Up Woman Because of Short Skirt

“Think about dressing properly”

A bus driver in Paris described as an “Islamist” refused to pick up the daughter of a famous Algerian poet because her skirt was too short.

According to a report by Italian newspaper Il Giornale, the incident occurred last Tuesday at the Botzaris stop near the Buttes Chaumont park in the 19th arrondissement.

In a Facebook post (which was subsequently censored), Algerian poet Kamel Bencheikh revealed how his 29-year-old daughter Elise and her friend attempted to board the bus at 11pm in the evening.

“When the bus arrived, the driver stopped, looked at them, and left without opening the doors,” wrote Bencheikh.

The girls ran after the bus and managed to catch up to it at a red light. When they asked the driver why they weren’t allowed on board, he responded, “Think about dressing as you should.”

“This individual, who drives a bus and is paid by my taxes, prevented my daughter, a holder of a Navigo pass [subscription pass for public transport in Paris], which was valid and therefore in order, from boarding, only because she was dressed in a skirt,” wrote Bencheikh.

The Paris public transport company RATP promised to investigate the driver, but failed to offer an apology to Elise and her friend. Only a few Republican politicians complained about the incident.

According to the Il Giornale report, Islamists have been entrusted with driving the buses in Paris’ notorious outer suburbs to prevent troublemakers throwing rocks at the vehicles.

“This is the case with Samy Amimour, one of the jihadists who bloodied the Bataclan Theatre,” states the report. “From 2010 to 2012, before going to Syria to fight with the Islamic State, he was a driver for RATP. In the book Mohammed at the wheel — Sharia at the turn, as recalled by Libero, Ghislaine Dumesnit had accused French unions of allowing radicalized Muslims to infiltrate the transport agency, the bus depots were transformed into prayer halls, and drivers were always discriminated against by colleagues of the Islamic faith.”

The media has long declared that “no-go zones” or areas of major cities where de facto sharia law is enforced is all a “conspiracy theory”.

This, despite CNN cameras filming precisely that in London many years ago.

Paris is a Sh*thole

Chicago Cubs investigate after fan appears to flash ‘white power symbol’ on live TV (VIDEO)

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 2.55.18 PM

MLB team the Chicago Cubs are investigating after a fan at Tuesday night’s game against the Miami Marlins allegedly made a symbol on live TV associated with white supremacists.

As reporter Doug Glanville – a former Cubs player – was making a live broadcast for NBC Sports Chicago at Wrigley Field, a fan was seen in a gray Cubs hoodie behind him.

After shifting position, the fan appears to make an upside-down ‘OK sign’, which is sometimes associated with white supremacy.

The Cubs are looking into the matter, issuing a statement saying: “An individual seated behind Mr. Glanville used what appears to be an offensive hand gesture that is associated with racism.

“Such ignorant and repulsive behavior is not tolerated at Wrigley Field.

“We are reviewing the incident thoroughly because no one should be subjected to this type of offensive behavior.

“Any individual behaving in this manner will not only be removed from the ballpark, but will be permanently banned from Wrigley Field.”

READ MORE: Pitcher Perfect: Baseball star Ryan Braun soaked in beer while attempting to make catch (VIDEO)

It’s unclear whether the man was attempting to form the ‘OK symbol’ without any malicious intent. The gesture is seen as a clear racist sign by some, or by others as simply the originally innocuous meaning which has been distorted in a hoax to trigger liberals.

Rep. Matt Gaetz Reminds the House Judiciary Committee of the 5 Stages of Grief for Democrats

Published on May 8, 2019

On Wednesday as the House Judiciary Committee discussed whether to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for refusing to release an unredacted Mueller report, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-WI) explained how the progression of Democrat’s push for more info on the Mueller report aligns with “the five states of grief.” “This is all about impeaching the President,” Gaetz said. (Full Speech)

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One in Five Salvadorans Now Live in US — Remittances Account for 20% of Country’s GDP – Democrats Support This


Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 11.22.18 AM

According to Gallup five million third world migrants from Latin America to the United States in the next 12 months.

And according to an estimated 42 million more say they want to enter the country.

One-fifth of El Salvador already resides in the US.

There currently are at least 1.1 million Salvadoran immigrants in the United States.

The number represents about one-fifth (19.1 percent) of the total population of El Salvador (5.7 million in 2007 according to the Salvadoran Department of Statistics and Censuses).

Remittances back home make up 20% of El Salvador’s economy.

Over 1% of Guatemala and Honduras entered the US since September.

This is an invasion.  And Democrats support this.

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