DEEP STATE FBI Names So-Called ‘White Nationalists’ as ISIS-Level Terror Threat, Plans to Work with Anti-Trump Groups to Profile Them

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By Shane Trejo – 2/12/2020

Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced that they are classifying “white nationalists” as a terror threat on par with ISIS.

“We’re particularly focused on domestic terrorism, especially racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said. “Not only is the terror threat diverse, it’s unrelenting.”

Wray told the House Judiciary Committee that white nationalists are considered a “national threat priority” and will devote at least the same amount of resources on them as they do on ISIS and militant Islamic terror groups.

The problem with the FBI’s designation is that ordinary Trump supporters are considered “white nationalists,” not just to the media and Democrat Party but in the eyes of law enforcement as well.

NYPD Intelligence & Counterterrorism Deputy Officer John Miller profiled the Proud Boys, a pro-Trump group that stands up to left-wing ANTIFA domestic terrorists, alongside anti-Semitic hate groups while giving Congressional testimony last month.

“Most of the Proud Boys are not from New York City, but it presented too attractive a target for them when they decided to engage in violence,” Miller said, referring to when Proud Boys members committed acts of self-defense outside of a rally in New York City last year.

Two Proud Boys members were sentenced to years in prison in 2018 for committing self-defense against anti-American ANTIFA terrorists. Because of the work of the FBI, that standard will likely be applied to patriotic activists all throughout the country due to their crackdown against “white nationalism.”

Wray also stated that he would work to track and profile white Americans through a domestic terrorism and hate crimes fusion cell which would “bring together the expertise of domestic terror folks and hate crimes folks.”

“They’re working together to not just focus on the threats that have already happened but to look ahead around the corner to anticipate where else we need to be,” he said.

By “domestic terror folks and hate crimes folks,” Wray means he is going to have his agency rely on far-left, anti-constitutional, anti-Trump organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to do their intelligence gathering for them.

The FBI has a long history of working with the ADL and SPLC. The FBI had a working relationship with the SPLC as of 2018. The ADL even held a summit with the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office just last year specifically on the issues of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.

While pressuring social media providers to censor their political opponents, the ADL has called upon Congress to destroy the Bill of Rights and criminalize right-wing speech in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.

“It’s long overdue for the social media companies to step up and shut down the neo-Nazis on their platforms,” ADL leader Jonathan Greenblatt told Congress last month. “Companies like Twitter and Facebook need to apply the same energy to protecting vulnerable users that they apply to protecting their corporate profits.

“If they won’t answer the problem, you probably need to,” he added in an explicit call to end freedom of speech in America.

The ADL has worked to create nationwide hysteria regarding innocuous symbols such as the “OK” sign and bowl-shaped haircuts based on internet hoaxes and memes. This has resulted in individuals losing their jobs and being targeted by digital lynch mobs on social media out to destroy their lives, including Army and Navy cadets committed to national service.

The ADL has also claimed that anyone who opposes ANTIFA is a potential hate-monger. These will be the “hate crimes folks” telling the FBI who to profile and demonize and levy charges against, as Trump supporters and white Americans are now considered the equivalent of ISIS to the deep state.


"I Am Antifa" Trending in Germany in Response to Trump

German leftists back terror group to own Trump

By Deutsche Welle – JULY 29, 2019

“I am Antifa” began trending in Germany after Trump said he might label the group a terror organization.

Left-wing politicians hit back at the US president, while far-right politicians expressed support for the proposal.

The hashtag #IchbinAntifa (“I am Antifa”) began trending on Twitter in Germany on Sunday after US President Donald Trump said he was considering labeling the group a terrorist organization.

Antifa, which is short for anti-fascists, is a loose network comprised of radical left-wing activists that confront right-wing extremists, neo-Nazi groups and white supremacists.

On Saturday, the US president said that the new classification “would make it easier for police to do their jobs,” and dubbed the anti-fascist group “gutless radical left wack jobs.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.02.28 AM

In response, German social media users and some politicians pushed back against Trump’s remarks, with the “I am antifa” hashtag taking the number one spot on Twitter’s trending list.

“I am Antifa always and every time. German history compels us to stand up against racism and fascism. On the street and in parliament,” wrote Bernd Riexinger, co-chairman of the Left party.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.03.36 AM

Sven Lehmann, a Greens MP and the party’s spokesperson for social and queer policy, wrote on Twitter that he supports Antifa because the group “often looked closely when people were devalued or attacked, where others looked away.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.04.49 AM

The hashtag sparked ire among politicians of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, several of whom expressed support for Trump and called for a similar measure in Germany.

“If Antifa is finally classified as a terrorist organization in this country as well, then the currently popular hashtag ‘I am Antifa’ offers up a very rich pool of investigative leads in the fight against terrorism,” AfD parliamentarian Jürgen Braun wrote on Twitter.

“Donald Trump is making it possible, thank you very much!” the far-right politician added.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 11.06.02 AM

The Hamburg branch of Germany’s police union also criticized Antifa, posting pictures of black-clad protesters holding signs calling for violence against police.

“Violence as a means of political conflict must be prohibited and criminally prosecuted — this must be a democratic consensus that transcends party and ideological boundaries,” the union wrote.

Although many Antifa members participate in peaceful protests, they have been criticized for believing violence is justified to combat racist or fascist groups.

The Anti-Defamation League, a leading Jewish group in the United States focused on hate crimes, describes Antifa as “a loose collection of groups, networks and individuals who believe in active, aggressive opposition to far right-wing movements.”

Early anti-fascist groups in Europe fought against Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. The modern Antifa movement began to take shape in the 1960s and became active in the US in the 1970s.

Recent clashes between left-wing and right-wing protesters in the US prompted conservative Republican lawmakers to propose classifying Antifa as a terrorist organization.


ADL: Google Search ‘Redirect’ Program Built to Fight ISIS Will Now Be Used On Americans

By Chris Menahan

Google-funded Moonshot CVE is working together with the Anti-Defamation League and the Google Jigsaw-partnered Gen Next Foundation to “redirect” Google searches related to “extremist narratives” — such as the idea that there is a “‘European’ identity” that is “under threat” — the president of the ADL announced Monday. 

ADL head Jonathan Greenblatt wrote in a statement:

[T]he Anti-Defamation League is partnering with Moonshot CVE and the Gen Next Foundation to counter white supremacist and jihadist activity online. The program, dubbed the Redirect Method, will use advertising to provide individuals who search Google for violent extremist material with content that exposes the falsehoods of extremist narratives, providing searchers the choice of an off-ramp to radicalization.

Targeting content potential extremists search for — rather than focusing, for example, on what they post to social media — can directly address their harmful online behavior and desires. By providing them with credible sources, we hope to decrease the impact of extremist content and increase the spread of the truth, such as, there is no one “European” identity that is under threat. In this way, we speak directly to those who may be at risk of radicalization, and we incentivize re-thinking those ideologies with accurate information.

Greenblatt went on to explain how Moonshot/Google’s program built to fight ISIS is now going to be used on Americans.

Moonshot and Google previously launched a Redirect Method program for ISIS-related searches, which found that those who searched for ISIS content were highly likely to engage with the more constructive, non-violent content that was offered. This led to several thousand views of constructive materials in place of searches related to Islamist extremism. Our new project builds on this success while pulling from ADL’s subject matter expertise in extremist codewords and unique insights to lead the project.

Greenblatt finished his piece by saying the program built to fight ISIS is not about “inhibit[ing] free speech” but “actually improves the online marketplace of ideas.”

Some people might hear about this and raise concerns that it could inhibit free speech. In fact, the opposite is the case. Internet content skews toward the virality of controversy, polluting the marketplace of ideas with vitriolic speech. The Redirect Method actually improves the online marketplace of ideas, not by limiting any speech, but by ensuring that hateful propaganda and intellectually honest information are presented side-by-side.

Last month, Greenblatt praised Google-owned YouTube after they purged thousands of videos and channels for advocating “bigoted ideologies” but insisted that “more needs to be done” to keep “hate” off their platform.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.36.16 AM

Greenblatt said in the past the ADL is working with Google and Facebook to “tweak their algorithms” and “redirect” searches through AI to protect people’s right to “not be harassed or hated.”

Two weeks ago, Tucker Carlson reported on how the Koch brothers are teaming up with the ADL, George Soros and other Big Tech companies to “fight online extremism.”

“The Charles Koch Institute will be holding a summit with the Anti-Defamation League and executives from major tech companies, including Pinterest, AirBNB, Patreon, and Mozilla,” Tucker Carlson said. “The stated purpose of the meeting is to formulate, quote: ‘best practices on the fight against hate and extremism online.’ You know exactly what that really means: censorship of your views. For the left, fighting ‘extremism’ always entails crushing normal conservatives.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.40.38 AM

Last year, Greenblatt presented Apple CEO Tim Cook with an award after he banned Alex Jones and cracked down on free speech.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.41.27 AM

As MintPressNews’ Whitney Webb reported last month, the ADL is also working together with Google on an algorithmic censorship program called “The Trust Project,” which aims to effectively whitelist mainstream media propaganda outlets and blacklist all websites which don’t satisfy the desires of their censors.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.43.04 AM

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.43.38 AM

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 10.44.11 AM

There’s no better way to “improve the online marketplace of ideas” than by blacklisting dissident websites and censoring every voice which runs counter narrative!

Tucker Carlson ANNIHILATES Globalist Koch Brothers for Pushing Globalism in the GOP

The jig is up for the Koch brothers, who will be working against Trump in 2020.

By Shane Trejo

Fox News host Tucker Carlson hammered the billionaire Koch brothers on his show Wednesday night for their cosmopolitan values, their support of liberal globalist public policy, and their utter contempt for the working class of America.

Carlson mentioned that the Koch Bros are “libertarian ideologues” whose policy platform has little in common with conservatives at all, noting that their advocacy of open borders even makes socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) look conservative by comparison.

The Koch Bros and their functionaries have been lobbying relentlessly to make sure that Trump’s ‘America First’ immigration policies are undermined for the benefit of their corporate profit margins. Carlson pointed out that their efforts have sadly been very effective as the borders are “more porous than ever.”

Carlson noted that the Kochs’ lobbying has also resulted in more criminals being let back onto the streets.

He also pointed out that the Kochs lobby to cut entitlements, keep prescription drug prices higher for consumers, slash taxes for the richest one percent, and protect usurious banking practices.

The Koch Bros have even formed an alliance with progressive financier George Soros, leftist thought-control groups like the Anti-Defamation League, and Silicon Valley tech monopolists to facilitate Big Brother censorship against right-wing dissidents, as Carlson explained.

The Kochs recently announced that their network will not be giving a dime to President Trump’s re-election efforts in 2020, instead opting to support Democrats and issue-based groups opposing Trump’s core agenda.

“We expect policymakers to unite people and build coalitions. We’re committed to forging a new way forward with political discourse,” said Emily Seidel, CEO of the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity. “We’re excited for how this new approach will help policymakers work together.”

Without having the courage to mention Trump by name, Seidel made it clear that her astroturfed grassroots organization is focusing on opposing the President and all that he stands for.

“If candidates engage in personal, ad hominem attacks and other divisive tactics during their election, it makes it difficult for them to work productively with others after the election,” Seidel wrote in a recent memo to AFP staff and activists.

“One of the biggest challenges to this approach is that those who work to lead nonpartisan coalitions are threatened by people in both parties who prize partisanship over policy outcomes. This makes it difficult for policymakers who want to do what’s best for the country to stick their necks out,” she added.

President Trump is onto the Koch Bros and their subversive agenda to prevent MAGA:

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 11.03.28 AM

And thanks to Carlson’s blistering report, more people will be onto the sinister machinations of the Kochs than ever before.

Harvard pulls pro-gun Parkland survivor’s acceptance over years-old racial slurs


Conservative pundit Kyle Kashuv will not join fellow Parkland shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg at Harvard, saying that school pulled his acceptance over racial slurs he made in private messages when he was 16.

Having been set to attend Harvard in 2020 after taking a year off school, Kashuv announced in a series of tweets on Monday that the Ivy League institute had decided to rescind his acceptance “over texts and comments made nearly two years ago, months prior to the shooting.”

Kashuv was one of the students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, during the February 2018 attack that left 17 students and staff killed and another 17 injured. While Hogg and several other seniors became celebrity gun control activists, Kashuv made public his pro-gun views, including the right to arm school staff.


He worked for the high-school outreach wing of the pro-Trump organization Turning Point USA, and even met with the president himself. In May, however, someone dug up a private chat from 2016 in which Kashuv repeatedly used a racial slur referring to African-American.

Although he was 16 at the time and the comments were made in private, Kashuv took responsibility in a public apology on Twitter, saying his remarks had been “idiotic,” “callous and inflammatory.”


Harvard seemingly agreed with his assessment, but didn’t feel like his apology was quite enough. After reviewing the apology letter, the school replied saying he would no longer be welcome to attend, citing concerns over his “maturity and moral character.”

Despite seeking guidance from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and requesting a face to face meeting regarding the incident, Harvard had already made its decision. In his tweets, Kashuv pointed out the irony of university’s apparent message that in contemporary society, certain “mistakes brand you as irredeemable,” especially considering the school’s own “checkered past.”


“If Harvard is suggesting that growth isn’t possible and that our past defines our future, then Harvard is an inherently racist institution. But I don’t believe that,” Kashuv added.

Harvard has yet to issue any public response to his comments.
Despite the blow, Kashuv has gotten some support from conservative media personality Ben Shapiro, who argued that uncovering things people said when they were teenagers and holding it against them creates an “insane and cruel”standard, and sets a dangerous precedent.



One has to wonder what implications the decision will have for future applicants– or even those already attending the prestigious institution. Around the same time Kashuv’s comments were unearthed in May, the Harvard Lampoon ran an image of Holocaust victim Anne Frank in a bikini which was widely panned as anti-Semitic and even condemned by the New England regional director of the Anti-Defamation League.

It seems that, at least for the time being, their apology was enough.

‘Hateful, ignorant, pedophilic’: Harvard magazine slammed for FAKE IMAGE of Anne Frank in bikini


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Seattle School District Urges Teachers to Follow CAIR Guidelines on Blessing Muslim Students During Ramadan

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 25: A young boy looks on as Muslims participate in a group prayer service during Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, in Bensonhurst Park in the Brooklyn borough June 25, 2017 in New York City. Muslims around the …


Dieringer School District in Seattle, Washington, is calling on its teachers to follow CAIR-issued guidelines regarding adherence to Islam. The school district is urging its teachers to bless Muslim students by reciting Arabic to them during Ramadan.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) issued an “Informative Letter on Upcoming Islamic Holidays and Religious Accommodations,” pressing school district officials to have their teachers recite “Ramadan Mubarak!” or “Ramadan Kareem” when welcoming Muslim students during Ramadan, according to the religious liberty advocacy group Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (FCDF).

The letter also instructs teachers to monitor Muslim students’ Ramadan fasting, as well as to refrain from scheduling tests during the Islamic holidays Eid Al-Fitr and Eid, adds FCDF.

One school district has reportedly reacted to the letter by urging its teachers to follow the CAIR-issued guidelines. FCDF says that Dieringer School District superintendent Judy Martinson enacted the CAIR letter as official District policy by distributing the guidelines to principals, who then distributed it to all teachers and staff.

“By urging teachers to bless Muslim students in Arabic, the District is running roughshod over the First Amendment’s mandate of government neutrality toward religion,” said FCDF executive director Daniel Piedra.

“A school district would never order teachers to ‘welcome’ Catholic students during Easter with ‘He is risen, alleluia!’” added Piedra, “Singling out Muslim students for special treatment is blatantly unconstitutional.”

FCDF sent a legal memo to Martinson on Monday, warning the superintendent that the school district is likely violating the United States Constitution by favoring Muslim students, and that the advocacy group may take legal action if the district does not “rescind the Ramadan Policy within a reasonable time.”

“To be clear, nothing in the Constitution prohibits public schools from accommodating students’ religious exercise to the extent it would not interfere with educational interests,” states the memo, “‘But the religious liberty protected by the Constitution is abridged when the State affirmatively sponsors’ religious practice.”

“Here, by issuing the CAIR Letter to District employees, you acted under color of state law to create an official policy that has a primary effect of advancing religion,” adds the advocacy group, “The Ramadan Policy, in both adoption and implementation, plainly imposes liability on the District under the United States and Washington Constitutions.”

The letter also warns Martinson about CAIR’s anti-Semitic advocacy, as well as its ties to Islamist supremacists.

DIVaffirms the legal memo.

“These facts are not anti-Muslim conspiracy theories,” adds the letter, “Federal prosecutors have acknowledged that Muslim Brotherhood leaders founded CAIR and that it has conspired with Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to support terrorists.”

“CAIR is also noted for its anti-Semitic activism,” continued FCDF, citing a the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which had published a “Profile” two years ago regarding CAIR and its chapters partnering “with various anti-Israel groups that seek to isolate and demonize the Jewish State.”

FCDF says that the CAIR-issued Ramadan guidelines are “yet another attempt by CAIR to infiltrate uninformed school districts so it can advance its subversive agenda.”

“CAIR must not be allowed to indoctrinate impressionable schoolchildren under the guise of ‘diversity’ and ‘cultural awareness,’” states the advocacy group, “FCDF is committed to keeping CAIR out of our America’s public schools.”

Anti-Defamation League Admits Colluding with Tech Giants to Facilitate Big Brother Censorship


This organization that foments hate against conservatives is doing everything in its power to manifest the Orwellian Nightmare.


With pro-Trump voices being booted from Facebook and the social media crackdown ramping up before 2020, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is bragging about the legwork they have done to build up to this moment.

The ADL, once considered an admirable pro-Jewish organization that combated anti-Semitism, has turned into a partisan political censor facilitating Big Brother and trying to stifle President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

They admitted as much during a summit with the uber-globalist Council on Foreign Relations earlier this year where the organization’s leader bragged about enabling the tech giants’ push for extreme Draconian censorship.

“We work with Google on using AI to try and interrupt cyber-hate before it happens,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Chief Executive Officer and National Director of the ADL, about his organization’s trailblazing work in the field of Orwellian pre-crime.

“We work with YouTube to get them to change their algorithms so it lessens the likelihood that a young person is going to run into some of these anti-Semitic conspiratorial videos,” he added.

Greenblatt brought up Facebook specifically and how the ADL enables the tech giant’s ability to manipulate information for the purposes of combating alleged hate. He deployed double-speak to justify his organization’s anti-constitutional push.

“So there are different ways [Facebook] can tweak their algorithms and adjust their products so they think not only about free speech… but protect the user’s right to not be harassed or hated,” he said.

He was particularly laudatory toward Facebook in how they were a front-runner in leading the charge toward Big Brother.

“They have done some good things to deal with very specific cases by taking swifter action when people perpetrate online bullying or online harassment,” Greenblatt said.

He feels that legislators should take further action in passing bills that would further destroy freedom of expression and other core liberties.

“There is a gap in the legal regime. There are techniques that extremists have used online to terrorize Jews and other people like doxing, and swatting and different forms of cyberbullying that are not covered by existing laws and need to be,” Greenblatt said.

He doesn’t seem particularly considered with left-wing terror groups like ANTIFA deploying these harmful tactics though. Democratic leaders like Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) do not seem to be on his organization’s radar. Instead, his focus is entirely on restricting the speech of conservative and right-wing voices.

Greenblatt concluded by saying that “the abuse online can be far, far worse than anything physical” and that “we need legislators to catch up and fill some of the gaps.”

While the fake news media likes to ballyhoo about the Rooskies, it is organizations like the ADL that pose the real threat to the integrity of our democracy.

‘Soft child-porn’ or honest political debate? Take a guess which one YouTube failed to censor

By Robert Bridge

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 10.13.20 AM

Despite employing a small army of ‘anti-extremist’ flaggers, YouTube somehow overlooked an entire prison block of pedophiles on its platform. Is the video-sharing site wasting too many resources censoring political content?

Last week, a regular guy named Matt Watson, working at his home computer, shook the wired world to its very foundations by providing convincing evidence that YouTube supports – either wittingly or unwittingly – a pedophile ring that openly preys on the most vulnerable members of society, children.

As Watson demonstrated, not only are these bottom feeders free to comment on videos that feature minors, but they also provide time stamps, presumably for the benefit of the wider pedophile community, indicating exactly when the children can be seen in their most compromising positions. They also actively promote links to porn sites that cater for these twisted minds.

The discovery prompted some of the most popular corporate brands, including Disney and Nestle, to bolt for the emergency exits after it was discovered their ads were running alongside the work of sexually depraved deviants. Needless to say, not the best business model.

Aside from the lewd comments accompanying the videos, which is not overly surprising considering the planet’s high creep factor, one of the most disturbing revelations is how ‘user friendly’ YouTube has become for pedophiles. Watson showed how Google-owned YouTube, through no more than a couple mouse clicks, navigates users to a frolicking playground where the sidebar is loaded with nothing but children-themed videos, a virtual pedophile paradise. But it gets more disturbing.

Once a user has entered this “wormhole,” as Watson calls it, there are no alternative video options available for escaping from it. A user will not even find ‘awareness’ videos, for example, that discuss the threat of child predators. In other words, once the user makes it to YouTube’s children video section it is game over, so to speak, unless he or she physically activates a new search.

The reason that this scandal makes no sense is that YouTube has known about its pedophile problem for years. Back in 2017, advertisers were fleeing the platform for the very same reason they are today – their ads were being featured next to scantily clad girls, as well as the predictable depraved comments. Today, algorithm technology is so advanced that Google Maps, for example, is able to blur out the faces of every single person’s image that is captured by its Google Street View. Yet somehow YouTube appears to be technologically handicapped when it comes to finding ways to combat online pedophiles. Why is that?

READ MORE: YouTube says it ‘accidentally’ shut down conservative channels

One possible explanation is that Google and YouTube, as well as the majority of other IT companies, have become overly attentive to politics at the expense of everything else – and more so ever since Donald Trump ‘stole’ the White House from the Democratic darling Hillary Clinton.

First, it is important to state the obvious: Silicon Valley is to Liberals what Yankee Stadium is to the New York Yankees. In other words, the holy of the holies. To quote Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, Silicon Valley, the home to hundreds of IT companies, is an “extremely left-leaning place.” Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, meanwhile, admitted that his company is so liberal that conservative employees “don’t feel safe to express their opinions” in the workplace.

Given this blatant liberal predilection within the industry, who do you think Google and YouTube teamed up with to police its content from ‘extremist’ (i.e. conservative) content? Certainly not far-right groups.

In 2017, YouTube doubled the size of its so-called ‘Trusted Flaggers’ program, which now partners with over 100 organizations, the full member list of the program remains confidential. Among the few members that have been made public, however, including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), No Hate Speech and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), they could best be described as ‘extremist’ in their liberal ideology. Meanwhile, as the Wall Street Journal reported, “less than 10 of the slots are filled by government agencies.”

Ironically, given the nature of this discussion, several of those agencies deal with “child-safety” issues.

Conservatives argue that the glaring lack of transparency with regard to the secretive ‘Trusted Flaggers’ program, combined with the IT industry’s well-known liberal affections, explains why so many right-wing and alternative news sites are being either demonetized, downgraded, or outright banned. And since we are talking about private businesses, these organizations have no legal obligation to uphold the Constitution’s First Amendment that guarantees ‘freedom of speech.’ They just casually shrug their shoulders and blame everything on the almighty algorithms. Yet, as even the most technologically handicapped person knows, algorithms were not magically conjured up out of thin air. Human beings, not robots (at least not yet), work tediously to develop them.

As just one example of the Orwellian atmosphere now pervading Planet Google, Jordan Peterson, a professor with a reputation for opposing political correctness, had one of his YouTube videos blocked in over two dozen countries last year. YouTube duly informed him that it had “received a legal complaint” about the video and decided to block it. Just like that!

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 10.16.56 AM

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 10.19.13 AM

Meanwhile, Google can take draconian measures to downgrade RT and Sputnik, for example, over totally unfounded charges related to ‘Russiagate’ hysteria, yet they seem incapable of micromanaging the comments section in kiddie videos.

What this is intended to show is that YouTube does not hesitate to take deliberate steps to intervene in issues that matter most to them, which overwhelmingly seem to be of a political nature. Yet, when the welfare of children is at stake, the mini-surveillance state that the platform has built always goes missing in action, as it has now for many years.

How is it possible that one young man, working alone and without pay, is able to weed out a viper’s den of pedophiles from YouTube’s dungeon? Yet YouTube, with its army of ‘flaggers’ and moderators and government agencies, has failed to filter these miscreants for several years?

The sad reality is that the world of IT is totally consumed with politics, and politics is totally consumed with the world of IT, to the point where society’s most vulnerable are left at risk.

Unfortunately, parents must assume a great deal of vigilance against pedophiles when their children use the video sharing platform because YouTube has obviously dropped the ball on the issue and simply cannot be trusted. Like the rest of the IT kingdom, their heart is in politics, and that is it.




By Alex Titus

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar is back in the news after defending a 2012 tweet she wrote stating that “Israel has hypnotized the world.” In a recent CNN clip, she questioned how her comments could be construed as “offensive to Jewish Americans.”

Yes, comparing the Jewish state to some sort of manipulative global force — how could anyone possibly find that offensive?

Omar’s comment alone is striking, but what is more concerning is that her comment represents a growing strand of casual anti-Semitism in progressive politics. Activists and politicians on the far-left are continually finding themselves embroiled in controversies related to remarks on Jews and the Jewish state. Clearly, it’s time for progressives to get their house in order.

Jews are right to be concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism in America.

In 2017, incidents related to anti-Semitism increased by a whopping 57 percent in the United States according to the Anti-Defamation League. Making up only 2 percent of the population, Jews faced more physical attacks than all other religions combined in 2017. The notorious Boycott, Sanction, and Divestment (BDS) movement is gaining steam across the country.

Despite this growing problem, some progressive politicians and activists seem to have no concern espousing the historically hateful rhetoric that leads to wide-scale anti-Semitism. Omar’s 2012 tweet is a great example. As Bari Weiss noted in a recent op-ed for the New York Times, Jews “hypnotizing” the public was the very plot of Jud Süss, a popular Nazi propaganda film.

The Jew as a “manipulator” has also made its way into the public discourse after Trayon White, a Democratic Member of the D.C. City Council, stated in a Facebook video last year that Jews were responsible for controlling the weather.

“Y’all better pay attention to this climate control, man, this climate manipulation … And that’s a model based off the Rothschilds controlling the climate to create natural disasters they can pay for to own the cities, man. Be careful,” White noted in the video.

The Rothschilds frequently play boogie man in a host of other anti-Semitic conspiracies.

Anti-Zionism also makes up an important facet of this brand of progressive politician and activist. Sure enough, Omar supports the deeply flawed BDS movement meant to harm the Jewish state.

Omar’s anti-Israel views are backed by Michigan Congresswoman and progressive firebrand Rashida Tlaib. A widely circulated picture of a map in her Congressional office showed a sticky note of the word “Palestine” covering Israel’s existing borders. References to Palestine engulfing Israel are a not so subtle hint at the dissolution of the Jewish state.

Tlaib also makes no qualms paling around with Abbas Hamideh, a known pro-Hezbollahactivist. Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist organization, frequently hosts rallies where supporters chant “Death to Israel!” Choice exerts of Hamideh’s tweets include clamoring against the “criminal Zionists” and praise for Samir Kuntar, a convicted terrorist, and murderer.

Prominent left-wing grassroots activists have also had their fair share of controversy. Tamika Mallory, the President of the Women’s March, has become embroiled in scandals related to her stances on the Jewish state and who she chooses to associate with.

In a recent interview on PBS’ “Firing Line,” Mallory refused to answer whether Israel should have the right to exist. “I just don’t feel that everyone has a right to exist at the disposal of another group,” she noted during the back and forth. After being pressed, Mallory angry stated that she was “done talking” about the subject.

Mallory also refuses to disavow her association with Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan who she once dubbed “The greatest of all time.” Yes, this is the same Farrakhan who proudly compared Jews to “termites” and that “Lying, murderous Zionist Jews” were behind the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Asked to condemn Farrakhan’s blatant anti-Semitic remarks in an interview on ABC’s “The View” by Meghan McCain, Mallory refused based on the grounds that McCain’s line of questioning was “racist.”

The past few months make clear that the progressive wing of the Democratic Party has work to do. Progressives can either choose to stop associating with politicians and activists who spew hate towards Jews or continue down a dangerous path of mainlining anti-Semitism. For the Jewish people and America’s sake, we should hope they choose the former.

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