Vox Once Gave Platform to YouTube Comic Who Told Gays "Kill Yourself"

“It’s OK when we do it”

JUNE 11,2019

Vox – the company that led the effort to ban Steven Crowder over his use of homophobic language – previously gave a platform to Filthy Frank, who produced a satirical YouTube video in which he sang the words, “you’re a giant f*ggot and you should kill yourself.”

Oh, the foul stench of hypocrisy.

Last week, Crowder has his channel de-monetized by YouTube after Vox’s Carlos Maza accused the comedian of using gay slurs against him, despite Maza using some of the same slurs against himself in previous comments.

This led to the #VoxAdPocalypse, with leftist outrage mobs pressuring YouTube to delete or de-monetize thousands of videos and channels which featured controversial material. The collateral damage even took out some historical archive channels, prompting educators to complain that they had been censored for “hatemongering”.

However, Vox’s disdain for homophobic language was noticeably absent when they gave Filthy Frank a pass during a 2017 profile video which amassed almost 3 million views, allowing his fans to make the argument that offensive and politically incorrect language was OK because Filthy Frank is just a comedy character.

“Filthy Frank pulls no punches and even openly says the word “faggot” without bleeping it,” writes Brandon Morse. “In one video, he comedically apologized — much like Crowder did — for saying certain things, especially against the LGBT community. This video ended with a song with the lyrics “… you’re gay now / you’re a giant faggot and you should kill yourself.”

“It should be striking everyone as weird that Vox was only too happy to celebrate comedic videos featuring a person encouraging gay people to kill themselves just two years ago. Suddenly it can’t help but grasp at its pearls at the mere suggestion that someone is “queer,” he adds.

As ever with the left, the motto always seems to be, “It’s OK when we do it.”

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With Push from Liberal Media – Google-YouTube to Further Crack Down on “Borderline” (Conservative) Content — GOP LAWMAKERS HIDE UNDER DESK


By Jim Hoft

Just as we reported less than an hour ago–
The liberal mainstream media is pushing the tech giants to crack down and eliminate conservative content.

The New York Times posted a front page hit piece on Sunday warning readers of the threat of conservative YouTubers.

And on Monday Axios pressures Google-YouTube chairman, Sundar Pichai, on conservative content online. Pichal told Axios contributor Ina Fried that the company is looking to start banning “borderline” content.

“Borderline” content is code for conservative content.

Vile liberal attacks on President Trump and conservatives is completely acceptable to Google-YouTube.
Stephen Colbert’s homophobic Trump’s mouth is Putin’s cockholster is still live on YouTube.

But now it appears the American fake news media is pushing the tech giants to remove conservative content.
This can only get worse.


Report: Youtube to Label Criticism of Immigration “Hate Speech”

New policy Big Tech’s latest push against conservative voices

“Immigration status” has been declared a protected category on YouTube’s hate speech policy, effectively banning speech critical of illegal immigration, experts warn.

Even though the policy specifies YouTube will only remove content that promotes violence or hatred towards “individuals or groups” based on that attribute, conservatives are concerned the policy will be used to justify the removal of accurate criticism of immigration policies.

“YouTube’s new policy on hate speech includes immigration status,” said Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen. “In other words, you cannot criticize immigration anymore.”

“This is YouTube taking a left-wing political stance. Censorship of conservative opinions is getting worse on social media.”


Given Big Tech’s track record of left-leaning bias, simple criticism towards immigration being viewed as “hate” is likely.

Case in point, YouTube recently demonetized popular comedian/conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder after he was accused of targeted harassment for his gay jokes directed at a Vox editor.

Remember, last year, Alex Jones predicted that Steven Crowder was the next target of Big Tech’s biased censorship campaign.

Steven Crowder Is The Next Target Of Corporate Censorship

Moreover, the policy has effectively created a new “protected class” free of criticism, adds constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.




‘The Second Adpocalypse Is Here’: YouTube Demonetizes Steven Crowder After Gay Vox Editor Complains

Move comes as YouTube announces ban on ‘hateful,’ ‘supremacist’ videos

By Adan Salazar

YouTube announced it has demonetized the channel of conservative commentator Steven Crowder, days after a Vox editor accused the comedian of harassment.

The company made the announcement in response to a Twitter thread created by Vox editor Carlos Maza, which accused Crowder of targeted harassment and causing him mental anguish.

“Update on our continued review–we have suspended this channel’s monetization,” @TeamYouTube wrote Wednesday in response to Maza’s thread. “We came to this decision because a pattern of egregious actions has harmed the broader community and is against our YouTube Partner Program policies.”


Hours earlier, YouTube had claimed it would take no action against Crowder’s channel.

While they barred the former Fox News contributor from making money off his channel, YouTube did not move to ban the channel outright.

Crowder pointed to videos of Steven Colbert, Samantha Bee and others making fun of President Trump as an example of YouTube’s double standard.

But Maza didn’t stop there.

After YouTube announced it would demonetize Crowder, Maza again complained arguing that most of Crowder’s revenue came from t-shirt sales not YouTube monetization: “So the fuck what. Basically all political content gets “demonetized.”

To which YouTube ordered Crowder would “need to remove the link to his T-shirts” in order to have his monetization re-instated.


In tweets Wednesday, Crowder said he’d spoken with YouTube and had indeed confirmed a massive culling of independent YouTube creators was about to take place.


“Just spoke with YouTube. Confirmed, the second Adpocalypse IS here and they’re coming for you,” Crowder wrote. “More details to follow. Stay tuned.”

“The next adpocalypse is coming,” Crowder said in a follow-up video. “It’s coming for a lot of you. It’s coming hard. It’s gonna be happening fast and strong and it’s probably gonna be happening to a lot more of you than you realize.”

On Wednesday, YouTube announced a change to its community guidelines affecting channels on the platform which they say “incite hatred, harassment, discrimination and violence.”

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