Report: Youtube to Label Criticism of Immigration “Hate Speech”

New policy Big Tech’s latest push against conservative voices

“Immigration status” has been declared a protected category on YouTube’s hate speech policy, effectively banning speech critical of illegal immigration, experts warn.

Even though the policy specifies YouTube will only remove content that promotes violence or hatred towards “individuals or groups” based on that attribute, conservatives are concerned the policy will be used to justify the removal of accurate criticism of immigration policies.

“YouTube’s new policy on hate speech includes immigration status,” said Swedish independent journalist Peter Imanuelsen. “In other words, you cannot criticize immigration anymore.”

“This is YouTube taking a left-wing political stance. Censorship of conservative opinions is getting worse on social media.”


Given Big Tech’s track record of left-leaning bias, simple criticism towards immigration being viewed as “hate” is likely.

Case in point, YouTube recently demonetized popular comedian/conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder after he was accused of targeted harassment for his gay jokes directed at a Vox editor.

Remember, last year, Alex Jones predicted that Steven Crowder was the next target of Big Tech’s biased censorship campaign.

Steven Crowder Is The Next Target Of Corporate Censorship

Moreover, the policy has effectively created a new “protected class” free of criticism, adds constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes.



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