Democrat Official Faces Felony Vote Fraud Charges in Michigan for Tampering with Absentee Ballots in 2018

Voter fraud is not a conspiracy theory.

By Shane Trejo

In the key battleground state of Michigan, a Democrat city official is being charged with ballot tampering during the 2018 mid-term elections.

Southfield City Clerk Sherikia L. Hawkins faces six felony counts over “unauthorized and inaccurate” changes that she allegedly made to absentee ballots last year. Liberal state officials are attempting to categorize Hawkins’ behavior as a “rare” case of fraud.

“Voting is fundamental to the very essence of our democracy,” Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said during a press conference on Monday. “It is incumbent upon state governments to safeguard the electoral process and ensure that every voter’s right to cast a ballot is protected.”

Hawkins is being accused of illegally altering 193 absentee voter records. The evidence of her wrongdoing was allegedly spotted during the 14-day canvass following the election. Irregularities were initially discovered by the Oakland County Clerk’s Office, which prompted the investigation resulting in Hawkins being charged.

According to an affidavit filed by state police, Oakland County Elections Director Joseph Rozell noticed some inconsistencies with the ballots while certifying absentee precincts in Southfield. Rozell “contacted Hawkins when he noticed that ballot summary sheets were blank.”

After questioning Hawkins about the errors, he noted “that the ballot return dates for voters were added or removed from the report in order to force the reports to balance to the number of ballots tabulated for each precinct on Election Night.”

“It appears that Hawkins had switched her original reports with altered reports,” wrote Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Larissa LaMay in the report.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, who formerly served on the board of directors for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), maintains that “there were no voters that were disenfranchised” by Hawkins’ actions.

“All valid votes in the election were ultimately counted and the final official vote total was accurate,” Benson said.

Benson has announced that the state Bureau of Elections will work with the clerk’s office in Southfield to ensure that the upcoming elections this year on Nov. 5 will be officiated properly while Hawkins is placed on administrative leave.

“Our elections are the foundation of our democracy, and under my and Attorney General Nessel’s administration there will be no tolerance for any actions that undermine that foundation – anywhere, anytime, by any person or official,” Benson said.

Hawkins is considered a Democrat Party leader in high standing in the state of Michigan. She received the Dingell/Levin Award at the Michigan Democrat Party’s Legacy Dinner in Detroit just a few months ago.


Michigan Democrats are now scurrying to disavow a disgraced public official who was recently considered a rising star in their party fold.

“Absentee ballots will start to go out this week for the upcoming November municipal election and Secretary Benson has removed Clerk Hawkins from administering this election,” said state Sen. Jeremy Moss and Rep. Kyra Harris Bolden, two Democrats who represent Southfield in the Michigan state legislature, in a joint statement.

“We can assure our Southfield neighbors that their votes will be counted,” they added.


Pro-Pedo Journo To Join Antifa In Disrupting DC Free Speech Rally

Watch undercover footage from within Antifa meeting

By Kelen McBreen

An activist who penned articles supporting pedophilia in the 90s has been identified attending an Antifa meeting on Tuesday.

During the event, members discussed their plan to disrupt and shut down July 6th’s Demand Free Speech Rally in Washington, D.C.

Luke Kuhn has written several articles defending pedophilia, such as one archived piece where he said, “Many early-teenage girls would LOVE a roll in the hay with Leonardo DeCaprio! It is no crime for DeCaprio to take the girls up on the offers he must surely get.”

Then, there is Ronald McDonald the Child Molesting Clownwhere Kuhn downplays the damage molestation does to a child, writing, “After all, a burger loaded with E. Coli or Mad Cow disease will do a child far more damage than some seedy sexual encounter in the woods behind the school could ever dream of. In fact, in the case of Mad Cow disease, all but the most brutal of rapists would do less damage.”

Kuhn also believes pedophile schoolteacher Mary Kay Letourneau should have used deadly force against police during her arrest for molesting a 13-year-old boy, saying, “This woman committed no crime whatsoever.”

“As such, I feel that she had (and has) the right to use deadly force to resist arrest and should have been carrying a gun when she was in the car and planning to flee the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa,” he continued.

D.C. journalists from News2Share infiltrated and filmed a livestream of Tuesday’s Antifa meeting where they spotted Kuhn in attendance.

Watch the full meeting below and see Kuhn around the 29 minute mark wearing a grey shirt with cut off sleeves:

On Monday, an Antifa member was caught threatening to acid attack attendees of the free speech rally, writing, “I just want to toss as many balloons of Muriatic acid in the faces as many Proud Boys I can.”

The threat comes just days after journalist Andy Ngo and two other men were violently attacked by Antifa in Portland, Oregon.

See the assaults on video below:

Anti-Defamation League Admits Colluding with Tech Giants to Facilitate Big Brother Censorship


This organization that foments hate against conservatives is doing everything in its power to manifest the Orwellian Nightmare.


With pro-Trump voices being booted from Facebook and the social media crackdown ramping up before 2020, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is bragging about the legwork they have done to build up to this moment.

The ADL, once considered an admirable pro-Jewish organization that combated anti-Semitism, has turned into a partisan political censor facilitating Big Brother and trying to stifle President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda.

They admitted as much during a summit with the uber-globalist Council on Foreign Relations earlier this year where the organization’s leader bragged about enabling the tech giants’ push for extreme Draconian censorship.

“We work with Google on using AI to try and interrupt cyber-hate before it happens,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, Chief Executive Officer and National Director of the ADL, about his organization’s trailblazing work in the field of Orwellian pre-crime.

“We work with YouTube to get them to change their algorithms so it lessens the likelihood that a young person is going to run into some of these anti-Semitic conspiratorial videos,” he added.

Greenblatt brought up Facebook specifically and how the ADL enables the tech giant’s ability to manipulate information for the purposes of combating alleged hate. He deployed double-speak to justify his organization’s anti-constitutional push.

“So there are different ways [Facebook] can tweak their algorithms and adjust their products so they think not only about free speech… but protect the user’s right to not be harassed or hated,” he said.

He was particularly laudatory toward Facebook in how they were a front-runner in leading the charge toward Big Brother.

“They have done some good things to deal with very specific cases by taking swifter action when people perpetrate online bullying or online harassment,” Greenblatt said.

He feels that legislators should take further action in passing bills that would further destroy freedom of expression and other core liberties.

“There is a gap in the legal regime. There are techniques that extremists have used online to terrorize Jews and other people like doxing, and swatting and different forms of cyberbullying that are not covered by existing laws and need to be,” Greenblatt said.

He doesn’t seem particularly considered with left-wing terror groups like ANTIFA deploying these harmful tactics though. Democratic leaders like Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) do not seem to be on his organization’s radar. Instead, his focus is entirely on restricting the speech of conservative and right-wing voices.

Greenblatt concluded by saying that “the abuse online can be far, far worse than anything physical” and that “we need legislators to catch up and fill some of the gaps.”

While the fake news media likes to ballyhoo about the Rooskies, it is organizations like the ADL that pose the real threat to the integrity of our democracy.


Big Tech to Ban Trump Next? CNN Labels President 'Dangerous'

MSM attacks Trump more than Alex Jones – MAY 6, 2019

Not long after labelling Alex Jones ‘dangerous’ prior to his Facebook ban, CNN has similarly called President Trump ‘dangerous,’ which suggests the Big Tech/MSM cartel wants to ban Trump from social media as well.

CNN’s Brian Stelter called Trump the “Infowars president” after he retweeted videos from Paul Joseph Watson and Millie Weaver over the weekend, as reported on Sunday.

But later on in an email newsletter, Stelter called the president’s tweets “dangerous,” accordingto the Washington Free Beacon.

“Trump legitimizing Infowars is dangerous,” the newsletter reportedly said. “Sometimes, we tend to dismiss Trump’s Twitter activity as not mattering much. But it does. Think about this: The President of the United States worked in the last couple of days to legitimize and promote Infowars, while simultaneously working to delegitimize credible news organizations.”

“This weekend’s tweets from the president were not only morally repugnant, they were dangerous…”

Keep in mind that CNN cheerleaded the purge of Alex Jones, so it isn’t a stretch to suggest that CNN is now targeting the ‘dangerous’ president for removal from social media or, at the very least, demanding more shadow banning of Trump’s tweets.

Also, keep in mind that the corporate media attacks Trump more than Alex Jones, so what’s stopping them from targeting him next?

And what better way than to cost Trump the 2020 election by restraining his presence on social media? He won the presidency in no small part by reaching Americans directly while bypassing the filter of mainstream media.


Poynter ‘Blacklist’ of Conservative News Sites Was Created by SPLC Employee

List contains sites such as Free Beacon, Daily Caller, Breitbart

By Joe Schoffstall

A journalism institute released a “blacklist” of media outlets they deemed as “unreliable” that was created by an employee of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center and overwhelmingly contains conservative new media outlets.

The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, a Florida-based nonprofit journalism school, released the list on Wednesday and declared dozens of mainstream conservative sites such as the Washington Free BeaconDaily Caller, Daily Signal, CNS News, and Breitbart as “unreliable” while listing few liberal sites,” Newsbusters reports

The study notes it trimmed the list “by removing several sites whose stories, though highly politicized, were mostly not fake:,,,,, the,, and”

A majority of the removed sites lean left. Of the removed conservative sites, the Heritage Foundation, a think tank – and not in itself a news site — was taken off the list. However, the Daily Signal, which is hosted by the Heritage Foundation, is included on the list. Another conservative site that was removed from the list, the Weekly Standard, was shuttered in December.

While most of the sites are labeled as “unreliable”, “fake”, or “conspiracy” – or a combination of the three — the Free Beacon is listed as “bias”, a label that prompted further review of the sites that were ultimately removed from the list upon further review and before its release.

Barrett Golding, an employee at the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far-left nonprofit embroiled in controversy over accusations of internal racism from its top management that led to its co-founder, Morris Dees, and president, Richard Cohen, being ousted from the group, created the list for Poynter.

Golding appears to have followed the SPLC “list” model in its creation of “unreliable” news sites, as many of the mainstream conservative sites on the list are thrown in with actual sites that push conspiracy theories. This mirrors the SPLC’s “hate group” list, which contains mainstream conservative organizations alongside racist organizations such as the Ku Klux Klan. The SPLC’s “hate” list, which it is perhaps best known for today, has helped the controversial — and allegedly internally racist group itself towards its black employees – to garner more than $500 million in total assets, $120 million of which is parked overseas.

“These sites stood next to conservative organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented baker Jack Phillips in the Supreme Court case Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission,” Newsbusters writes. “While the ADF is not a news site, it was likely targeted because Golding works for the SPLC. The ADF is considered a ‘hate group’ by the SPLC and is marked on the ‘hate map.’ The Washington Post even questioned SPLC’s ‘political activism’ and ‘bias.'”

“SPLC has been dropped by Twitter from its Trust and Safety Council and slammed by the mainstream media after multiple scandals rocked the organization. Its hate map even helped shooter Floyd Lee Corkins find the location of the Family Research Council, where he shot and wounded five people.”, Fake News Codex, OpenSources, and PolitiFact were also involved in the study alongside Golding.

Chicago Newspaper Uses Antifa-Linked Sources – Portrays Crooked State’s Attorney Kim Foxx As “Victim”


The Chicago Sun-Times published a story on April 27th attacking the Proud Boys, a far-right men’s group led by a person of color, in a desperate attempt to conflate the group with actual racists who showed up to protest crooked State’s Attorney Kim Foxx for her handling of the Jussie Smollett hate-hoax.

Writers Tom Schuba and Matthew Hendrickson authored the write-up, which relied on sourcing from several individuals with ties to alt-left groups like Antifa. In it, they paint the Proud Boys in the same light as actual confirmed racist groups like Identity Evropa. They cite a random Twitter account, Panic! at the discord, which is known to doxx alleged racists on Twitter, a practice that is against the platforms terms and services.

Throughout the propaganda piece, the duo claim that the Proud Boys are basically indistinguishable from dangerous racist groups, but fail to recognize that the group is led by an Afro-Cuban entrepreneur and populated with a large share of minorities in their ranks. This is a tired game that mainstream media hacks like Shuba and Hendrickson play, where anyone who doesn’t adopt the Antifa world-view is somehow a “Nazi” or “evil racist.”

The protest documented in the article from the Chicago Sun-Times follows the police union organized demonstration against Kim Foxx, who famously dropped over a dozen charges against washed up Empire actor Jussie Smollett related to his faking of a hate crime against himself several months ago. The protest was attended by a wide-variety of groups, including the Proud Boys. The entire article’s intended purpose seems to paint the majority of people protesting Ms. Foxx as racists, therefore lending her victim status with an extended on-the-record quote from the corrupt State’s Attorney.

While Shuba and Hendrickson go to great lengths to condition readers into believing that the Proud Boys are “just like” actual suspected racists who showed at the event, their thesis is incredibly thin and littered with so-called evidence from disgraced organizations like the SPLC. The SPLC has been exposed by former high-level employees who document how the organization maintains a racist work environment, all the while labeling anyone to the right of Karl Marx as “racist” or “extremist.”

They even printed an unverified quote from cop-hating alt-left political activist Tom Rainey, detailing a supposed encounter he had with a member of the Proud Boys. They did so describing Rainey as an anti-fascist activist who was allegedly swatted at by a member of the Proud Boys, yet fail to disclose Rainey’s history of assaulting police officers during a violent anti-cop demonstration in 2017. Mr. Rainey, like the Antifa linked Twitter account used for source material in the Chicago Sun-Times article, has been known to associate with dangerous alt-left groups in the Chicago-area.

Both Shuba and Hendrickson refused to respond to a series of questions about their alleged associations with radical alt-left groups, failing to deny on record any affiliations or relationships they may have with organizations like Antifa. They also failed to respond to a questions about their “off-the-clock” relationships with violent anti-cop activist Tom Rainey.

Similarly, their editors failed to explain why the Chicago Sun-Times has deemed an Antifa linked Twitter account, the SPLC and Mr. Rainey as credible sources. The writers and editors refused to explain why they spent such a great deal of time attacking the Proud Boys, and more importantly, why they failed to disclose that the group is led by a person of color and count a significant amount of minorities in their membership.

Antifa was exposed yesterday for allegedly conspiring with Mexican drug cartels to traffic firearms across the border in an attempt to foment a violent insurrection in response to President Trump’s hard-line immigration policies.

Local news coverage of the write-up feature a photo of Proud Boys with the fear-mongering headline “White Nationalists Target Chicago,” with Schuba again failing to disclose that the Proud Boys are led by a person of color and have a history of standing against actual racism during his appearance on Chicago’s WCIU.

Tarrio pointed to a recent interaction members of the Florida chapter of the group had with Whoopi Goldberg, where they exchanged in a peaceful dialogue outside her Sarasota, FL event, which he says shows how his group and members of the MAGA movement are able to engage in peaceful dialogue with political opponents instead of resorting to violence like Chicago Sun-Times source Tom Rainey.

“We do not stand for racism of any kind. We love the hell out of America and what it means to be an American. Defending western values is our top priority. Socially awkward soyboys like Shuba and Hendrickson have to hide behind their roles as journalists in attempt to avoid responsibility for their lies. When these types of people are confronted in person or in the court through legal means, it’s amazing how cowardly they become.”

At the time of publishing, the Chicago Sun-Times has failed to respond to multiple requests for comment.

#RedforEd: Socialist 24-Year-Old Leading National Leftist Teachers Movement Has Not Passed U.S. Constitution Test Arizona Requires of Educators

Music teacher Noah Karvelis, who helped organize Arizona Educators United, speaks to thousands as they participate in a protest at the Arizona Capitol for higher teacher pay and school funding on the first day of a state-wide teachers strike Thursday, April 26, 2018, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

By Michael Patrick Leahy

Noah Karvelis — the 24-year old Arizona music teacher who was credited with launching the national #RedforEd movement that spawned teachers’ strikes in Arizona in March 2018 and subsequently in other states around the country — holds just a “provisional” teaching certificate, having failed to complete the required coursework and pass tests on the U.S. Constitution and the Arizona Constitution.

This information about the #RedforEd leader is according to publicly available data on the Online Arizona Certification Information System (OACIS) website of the Arizona Department of Education.

In Arizona, public school teachers are granted “provisional” status for three years, after which they must pass a number of tests and performance reviews to achieve the more permanent “standard” status.

To gain “standard” status, “provisional” teachers must not be on a performance improvement plan and must complete coursework and pass two important tests — one on the U.S. Constitution and another on the Arizona Constitution.

Conservative talk radio host James T. Harris, heard weekday afternoons on Phoenix’s KFYI, first reported in April 2018 on Karvelis’s failure to pass the required constitutional courses, and Karvelis has apparently done nothing to address that deficiency in the intervening year.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.14.56 AM

Karvelis was granted a provisional PreK-12 music education certificate in July 2016. That certificate is currently valid but is scheduled to expire in July 2019.

One year after Harris reported on Karvelis’s two deficiencies for his provisional PreK-12 music education certificate, those deficiencies remain, as can be seen on the Arizona Department of Education website as follows:

Deficiencies for Selected Certification

Deficiencies – A certification requirement which must be completed within a specified period of time.

Deficiency Code: AZCON

Deficiency Description: Arizona Constitution

Certification Note: Completion of a course or passing the appropriate examination on the provisions and principles of the Arizona Constitution is required.

Deficiency Code: USCON

Deficiency Description: US Constitution

Certification Note: Completion of a course or passing the appropriate examination on the provisions and principles of the United States Constitution is required.

Karvelis’s lack of interest in the U.S. Constitution is not surprising. As Breitbart Newsreported, he is part of a new breed of left-wing activists embedded in the ranks of teachers across the country:

The political environment changed after the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016, and teachers union activism became dominated by young, hardcore left-wing political activists, all operating under the general wing of the various teachers unions and, in particular, the National Education Association.

Noah Karvelis — who graduated from the University of Illinois with a teaching degree in 2016, just a few months before Donald Trump was elected — was one of those activists. FEC records indicate he made small donations in 2015 and 2016 to the Bernie Sanders for President campaign, on which he also volunteered.

During his first year teaching, he also had time to pen an article for Progressive Times, which was published in February 2017, titled “From Marx to Trump: Labor’s Role in Revolution.”

“Without the empowerment of the working class and of organized labor, any revolution is destined from the outset for failure. In these early days of the Trump Era, we must continue our fight and bolster the working class as we strive towards a progressive political revolution. By doing so, we will move our revolution ever closer to imminent success,” Karvelis wrote in that article.

Evidence continues to mount that the so-called “organic” launch of the #RedforEd movement in Arizona last March by “rank and file” teachers was, in fact, a highly orchestrated political campaign masterminded by Joe Thomas, head of the Arizona Education Association teachers union.

Karvelis launched the #RedforEd campaign on social media in March 2018, just a few months after he was appointed as the head of the Littleton (Arizona) Elementary School District teachers union by state boss Joe Thomas, sources tell Breitbart News. Karvelis was elevated to lead the local teachers union over about 150 other members of the local union — almost all of whom had more teaching experience — despite only having a “provisional” status as a teacher in the state.

While employed as a music teacher at Tres Rios Service Academy in the Littleton Elementary School District, sources tell Breitbart News Karvelis was often excused from his teaching duties to attend to union business.

As Breitbart News reported in February, #RedforEd is “[a] well-funded and subversive leftist movement of teachers in the United States [that] threatens to tilt the political balance nationwide in the direction of Democrats across the country as Republicans barely hang on in key states that they need to hold for President Donald Trump to win re-election and for Republicans to have a shot at retaking the House and holding onto their Senate majority.”

Karvelis will not apparently be required to move up from “provisional” status to “standard” status because he is moving on from teaching in Arizona public schools. Sources tell Breitbart News he is entering a Ph.D. program the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall, a fact he confirmed in this tweet he sent out last month:

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 11.17.04 AM

Karvelis, the young far-left political activist embedded in Arizona to launch the #RedforEd movement, will be right at home with the far left faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Education and, more specifically, within the Curriculum and Instruction department.

Among the faculty members who teach in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. program is Professor Julia Eklund Koza.

According to her bio, “Professor Koza teaches in the areas of music education and multicultural education, and she was Chair of the Music Education Area from 1998-2014.”

She is the founder of the Consortium for Research on Equity in Music Education (CRÈME), an international, cross-institutional initiative that fosters equity research in music education, and she twice served as the faculty chair of UW-Madison’s Committee on Women in the University. Her widely published research focuses on equity issues in education, music, and music education, as well as on corporate influence on music education policy.

In 2008, she wrote an article for Philosophy of Music Education Review titled, “Listening for Whiteness: Hearing Racial Politics in Undergraduate School Music.”

Professor Diana Hess, Dean of UW-Madison’s School of Education, has a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies, Educational Policy and Law.

She is the co-author, along with Paula McAvoy, of The Political Classroom: Evidence and Ethics in Democratic Education, which “won the American Educational Research Association’s Outstanding Book Award in 2016.”

According to the book’s website, “In their new book, The Political Classroom: Evidence and Ethics in Democratic Education, Diana E. Hess and Paula McAvoy argue that schools are, and ought to be, political sites — places that engage students in deliberations about questions that ask, ‘How should we live together’”

McAvoy is a contributor to the controversial far-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance project, where she recently wrote an article titled “Polarized Classrooms: Understanding political divides can help students learn to bridge them.”


SPLC Calls On Corporate America to Blacklist Former Trump Officials

Corporate America is just as much an “enemy of the people” as the corporate media

By Chris Menahan

Will this finally make the GOPe give a damn about mass deplatforming and corporate censorship?

From Fox News:

Immigration and civil rights groups recently sent a list to the CEOs of American companies urging them not to hire Trump officials who were involved in last year’s separation of migrant children from their families.

[…] [Kirstjen] Nielsen’s name appears on a list that a cabal of immigration and civil rights groups recently sent to the CEOs of American companiesurging them not to hire Trump officials who were involved in last year’s separation of migrant children from their families.

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.02.06 AM

[…] “Some of these individuals have left the administration in recent months,” the letter to the CEOs states“Regardless of when they leave, they should not be allowed to seek refuge in your boardrooms or corner offices. Allowing them to step off the revolving door and into your welcoming arms should be a nonstarter.”

[…] The letter was signed by 41 immigration and civil rights groups, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has targeted Nielsen in the past.

Corporate America is just as much an “enemy of the people” as the corporate media.

I was reading an excellent article from Patrick J. Deneen on the subject the other day titled “Corporate Progressivism,” where he reviews the book, “From Tolerance to Equality: How Elites Brought America to Same-Sex Marriage by Darel E. Paul.”

Here’s an excerpt:

In 2013, the Supreme Court reversed a determination by the Internal Revenue Service that $363,053 in inheritance taxes were owed on an estate of $4.1 million. One side of the American political spectrum swooned in joy—the left. These supposed opponents of inequality were largely indifferent to the financial element of the case. They were simply cheered by the fact that United States v. Windsor held that the Defense of Marriage Act had unconstitutionally limited the definition of marriage to ­opposite-sex couples. And so avoidance of ­inheritance taxes was celebrated as an achievement for equality.

We can see a similar dynamic when it comes to corporate politicking. President Obama said of the 2010 Citizens United decision, “This ruling strikes at our democracy itself,” and “I can’t think of anything more devastating to the public interest.” Yet one searches in vain to find progressive denunciations of the role played by corporations in several recent high-profile controversies about state-level Religious Freedom Restoration Acts. The governors of Arizona, Arkansas, and Indiana all retreated from enacting these laws when threatened with capital strikes and the relocation of major sporting events. Corporations successfully ousted North Carolina’s governor after he supported legislation that required transgendered persons to use bathrooms matching their biological sex. Far from decrying such corporate interference as a corruption of democracy, the left cheered it on. Frank Bruni wrote a column in the New York Times titled “The Sunny Side of Greed” in which he said it was “fine with me” if “big corporations will soon rule the earth,” given that they were “more democratic” than politicians—at least on issues of sexuality.

These examples encapsulate one of the strangest features of contemporary progressive politics: the transformation of the egalitarian agenda from an economic program into a movement for sexual liberation. The party that once promoted the interests of the working class now ­celebrates when wealthy couples dodge the “death tax” and corporations overturn democratic verdicts—all the while holding up signs displaying the equal sign.

[…] Paul further explains how a powerful combination of institutions—the universities, corporations, and media—have shamed and silenced those who stand athwart the arc of history. Elites are able to invoke both moral and scientific arguments while subjecting any inconvenient scientific findings (such as those of Mark ­Regnerus) to a massive barrage of moral outrage framed as scientific refutation. 

[…] Paul’s book shows that these purported antagonists share a broad project of de-norming. They are particularly committed to displacing traditional arrangements of family, marriage, and child-rearing in favor of individual autonomy, self-creation, and lifestyle choice shorn of long-standing commitment. World-straddling corporations have a strong interest in fostering atomized, de-normed subjects. Because their “identities” arise primarily from appetites that can be altered through both marketing and technology, they are the ideal consumers. The ideological justification for this economic project has been long-prepared by the intellectual class, which over the last four decades has devoted itself to the project of displacing traditional norms in favor of theories of self-creation in a world governed not by tradition or natural law, but solely in accordance with the human will.

Paul’s book powerfully reveals why the progressive sexual agenda of the intellectual class and the profit motive of corporations have fully aligned. There’s both apparently limitless freedom and vast quantities of money to be gained in overcoming human nature’s final frontier: sexual complementarity and all that follows. It should be a wake-up call to those who continue to believe that capitalism is an unmitigated boon for conserving the blessings of marriage, family, and children.

The full article is well worth the read.

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