“They’re terrorists:” Portlanders tell their Antifa stories | Keean Bexte

Until the citizens address this It won’t end You got what u voted for Ted should be arrested


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jeff vw
The mayor is also the police commissioner and acts like he is Antifa, he must be removed.


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Kris Kringle
Proud boys dont hide their faces nor do they bring weapons to assault gay Asian reporters. Use your second AMENDMENT if they attack you.


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Peter Wysochanski
Did you see the gashes on the old man’s head?! Did Patriots Prayer or the Proud Boys do anything like that?


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Portland is becoming like London. Both mayor of London and mayor of Portland are incompetent and are against their nation.


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How is it that a “Mayor” decides when to enforce the law and when not to. Since when is the mayor above the LAW?


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erica johnson
Portland Mayor is a disgrace. The people who voted him in are a disgrace, as well. They got what they voted for.


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Susan Boyle
Antifa owns the city of Portland just like the drug cartels own Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.


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These numnuts have a major malfunction. And they’re aided and abetted by the local authorities. Namely the mayor.


Rayden C
Prayer Groups: gather to pray for the country. Lady on the street: TERRORIST! They said God! Portland Major: I’ll take care of this, get me Antifa!


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George Koch II
ter·ror·ist a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. By definition they are terrorists.

Antifa Doofus Tries to Burn American Flag in DC, Gives Up When He Can’t Figure Out How to Light Matches (VIDEO)

By Cassandra Fairbanks

An Antifa protester in DC attempted to light the American flag on fire on Saturday, but gave up when they could not figure out how to use the matches.

The aggressive far-left demonstrators were in the city to whine about the Demand Free Speech rally being held by supporters of President Donald Trump who were protesting against Big Tech censorship. Speakers included Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes and congressional candidate/YouTuber Joey Saldino.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 3.35.20 PM

The black clad activist, with a t-shirt wrapped around his head, fiddled with the matches for approximately 30 seconds before realizing that his attempt to be edgy had failed.

Failed flag-burner was not the only Antifa member being mocked online during the event.

There were also creepy drag clowns and another member of Antifa did their best Bane impression while pointlessly wearing a gas mask without any filters on it, rendering it completely useless.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 3.38.09 PM

A mob of white Antifa members also harassed a black Trump supporter and stole the MAGA hat off an Asian man.

The cosplaying activists did not stop the Demand Free Speech rally from taking place, instead spending most of their day harassing random tourists and failing to break through police lines.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 3.40.45 PM


By Jim Hoft

Don’t expect to see this in the liberal mainstream media!

Antifa terrorists attacked a black female Trump supporter on Saturday at the Rally for Free Speech in Washington DC.

The police escorted the woman away from the violent leftists who turned out to beat “racist” Trump supporters.
Antifa terrorists were determined to smash heads.
Police moved in to protect the peaceful Trump supporters.

Via Jack Posobiec:

Police protect black Trump supporter from mob of white Antifa.


Joy Reid: Trump Treating Migrants with 'Cruelty' Because 'Base Wants to See This'

MSNBC host paints Trump supporters as inhumane psychopaths ahead of ICE deportations

By Mark Finkelstein

On her MSNBC show this morning, Joy Reid slurred Trump supporters as a bunch of sadists who want to see people at the border cruelly mistreated.

Here was Reid.

“I think I quote you every week, Adam: the cruelty is the point. That’s why they’re doing it, right? His base wants to see this. And so he’s showing them that he can dehumanize them. Isn’t that message coming from the White House, that essentially you don’t have to treat these people like human beings. Who cares?”


Reid’s mention of quoting Adam Serwer every week was a reference to his article in The Atlantic, “The Cruelty is the Point.”

Note: after agreeing with Reid that the White House is sending a message that the people at the border are “not real human beings,” Serwer added the caveat that the Trump admin is concerned, for PR reasons, about images of children allegedly being mistreated.

Here’s the transcript:

AM Joy
9:53 am EDT

JOY REID: You know, the dehumanization of these folks, it did remind me, you know, Chris Hayes put up a post, it brings back sort of the memories of the way people treated others during the invasion of Iraq. The sense of, these aren’t even people. Or in our own past. The way that people were able to treat others, whether it’s from enslavement on. They’re just not people so we don’t have to think of them as human beings. 

. . .

I think I quote you every week, Adam: the cruelty is the point. That’s why they’re doing it, right? His base wants to see this. And so he’s showing them that he can dehumanize them. Isn’t that message coming from the White House, that essentially you don’t have to treat these people like human beings. Who cares?

ADAM SERWER: I do think the message is coming from the White House that these people are not real human beings and you don’t have to treat them properly.

Even Liberals Admit Democrats Are In DENIAL About 2020!!!

Published on Jul 6, 2019

Never interrupt your enemies when they’re making a mistake.


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I think even the candidates know they’re doomed they’re just terrified to stand up to the deranged lunatic mob that they created


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Noah Palin
When they all raised their hands in support of comprehensive health care for illegals aliens, they shot themselves right in the face.


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blah Newman
democrats never won anything they rig elections all the time .


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Faqyur Ma'ama
It’s hard to imagine anyone voting Democrat at this stage. They are like a circus act.


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Ruby Honey
Democrats are not only in denial THEY ARE NUTS mostly


Dr. Steve Turley
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Ken Battor
They’re campaigning in Mexico. How can they possibly lose


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Ash Trash
Dems are left of the left here in Europe, and the european left is radically left.


Dr. Steve Turley
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‘Gaffe Machine’ Biden forgets the narrative, says no Russian meddling happened on his watch

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 10.26.26 AM

Democratic frontrunner and former VP Joe Biden has been mocked for saying that no election interference happened on his watch. Some took his words as a denial of the establishment narrative about 2016 ‘Russian meddling’.

Risking an own goal against fellow politicians and the ‘intelligence community’, which accuse Russia of meddling in the 2016 US election to sow discord and help Donald Trump ascend to the presidency, Biden told CNN on Friday that no election interference happened on his watch, as he unloaded on both Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While Putin’s trying to undo our elections, he’s actually undoing elections in Europe. Look at what’s happening in Hungary, look what’s happening in Poland, look what’s happening! You think that would happen on my watch or Barack’s watch? You can’t answer that, but I promise it wouldn’t have, and it didn’t,” Biden told host Chris Cuomo.

The counter-intelligence probe into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia that later grew into the full-blown Russiagate conspiracy theory, was launched by the FBI in July 2016, half a year before Biden and Obama left the White House. The events that were scrutinized by federal investigators and later by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team on their desperate hunt for a Trump-Russia connection, including the infamous Trump Tower meeting of June 2016, all happened on Biden’s watch. Cuomo, however, didn’t challenge the ex-VP on the timing discrepancies.

READ MORE:  Calculated Kamala? Harris accused of cashing in on segregation with $30 T-shirt

The self-confessed Gaffe Machine’s words prompted derision as well as confusion on Twitter, with some asking if Biden has suddenly broken ranks with fellow Democrats in their belief there had been a Kremlin-led malicious campaign to undermine American democracy.

“So Biden’s admitting that Putin and Russia didn’t interfere with the election that happened during his watch?” one person wrote.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 10.30.28 AM

Some went as far as urging Biden to retire from politics, calling his campaign a “disaster.”

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 10.31.41 AM

Biden emerged as the clear frontrunner in the Democratic Party primary race before the first debate, which saw the veteran politician’s lead dwindle. A poll last week showed Senator Kamala Harris (17 percent) only five percentage points behind Biden (22 percent).



Google Suspends "Trending" Emails in New Zealand After Government Complaints

Tech giant cuts entire feature from country after publishing sensitive information

By Ben Warren

Google has suspended an email alert system in New Zealand after the government slammed the search giant for publishing suppressed details about a murder case.

The “Google Trends” automated alert defied a court order that suppressed the name of a murder suspect by putting the accused killer’s name in an email’s subject line.

“In light of the concerns you expressed this week, Google has also suspended Google trends email about searches trending in New Zealand,” saidGoogle’s government affairs and public policy manager Ross Young in a Friday email. “This means that people will no longer receive emails on any trending searches for New Zealand and provides even further assurance against any recurrence [of a similar incident].” 

Young was responding to Justice Minister Andrew Little’s accusations that Google had not done anything to change their alert system since the incident and that the tech titan was “flipping the bird” at the country’s legal system.

“Google’s contempt for New Zealand law, and for [the murder victim’s] family is unacceptable, and I will now be considering my options,” said Young earlier this week, later urging Google to not be “evil” and to “do the right thing,” in a clear jab at the company’s “don’t be evil” motto.

Interestingly, an earlier response from Google on the incident was reportedly downplaying the need to change their Trends system because the murder story was already “extensively reported on by overseas media.”

Border Patrol: Democrat Congresswoman Veronica Escobar’s Staff Goes To Mexico To Undermine Us

By Patrick Howley

Democrat congresswoman Veronica Escobar oversees a staff that goes to Mexico to actively undermine Border Patrol by advising migrants on possible U.S. government mistakes with regard to their deportation cases, according to members of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the National Border Patrol Council in El Paso, Texas, in the heart of the migrant invasion zone.

“What we believe is happening is Veronica Escobar’s office is going…to basically second-guess and obstruct work already done by the Border Patrol,” a National Border Patrol Council member stated in an interview with the Washington Examiner.

Escobar came to political prominence by agitating for hotel rooms for illegal migrants in El Paso.

I reported in January with a New York Times-style headline, “Budget Inn Baby-Bath Attack Reveals Challenges in Finding Hotel Rooms For Migrants“:

A Guatemalan man was arrested for allegedly breaking into a Budget Inn motel room in El Paso, Texas to grope and assault a woman while she was holding her one-year old baby, giving the child a bath. The alleged victim was also Guatemalan. This arrest spotlights the challenges that social justice activists face in their efforts to house the hundreds of migrants dropped off by ICE agents at an El Paso bus station after a court decision won their release.

The Budget Inn is reportedly housing some migrants for the time being. Francisco Tojin Maldonado’s arrest for burglary of habitation, in connection with the baby bath attack, has yet to be reported widely by the mainstream media.

Since the migrants dropped off at the bus station cannot be detained, it is unclear what is going to happen to them.

Texas Democrat congresswoman Veronica Escobar recently put the issue in perspective, highlighting the scourge of Sun Bowl college football players taking up El Paso hotel rooms that could be used to store migrants.

“We have these teams coming in to play in our Sun Bowl this weekend and the hotels are booked. We’re facing a real crisis coming up … to find places for all of these (migrant) families,” stated Veronica Escobar.

Finding hotel rooms for so many people can indeed be frustrating.

Nevertheless, voices in the community are striving to enact change.

“But if I don’t live in El Paso, if I haven’t had the experience that we’ve had, if I live in Michigan, Iowa, Oregon, the northern border, I don’t … I may not know any better, and ‘Shit, the president of the United States just said that there are rapists and criminals and murderers who will chop your head off coming to get us. Fuck yeah, build a wall.’ And so … I can see responding that way,” saidDemocrat Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke, who has taken to the streets of El Paso to communicate his message.

Keith Ellison Is Descended From Slave Master

By Patrick Howley

Democrat Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison is descended from a slave master. (READ: Slave Registers Name The Slaves Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned).

Ellison wrote in his book My County ‘Tis of Thee:

“A distant ancestor of my mother, Augustin Metoyer, the patriarch of a set of interrelated families who populated the area hundreds of years ago, built the Saint Augustine Catholic Church, in Melrose, around 1829. His portrait hangs in Saint Augustine Church to this day.

My mother’s father, Frank Martinez, was the product of a Spanish father (from Seville) and a black mother. People often mistook him for something other than black. My mother’s mother, Doris Balthazar Martinez, was the distant granddaughter of a French merchant, Thomas Pierre Metoyer, and Marie Therese, known as Coincoin (pronounced “ko-kwe”), a slave. Metoyer freed Coincoin and gave her several acres. My mother was born on one of those plots of land.”

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Ellison’s book passage ends

Here is the story of Coincoin’s release, according to 64 Parishes, which reports that she was freed by Metoyer after having an affair with the slave owner:

“In 1767, Coincoin’s new mistress (and godmother) rented her to a French bachelor, Pierre Claude Thomas Metoyer, by whom she bore another ten children. Prosecuted for these pregnancies by the parish priest, who branded her a “public prostitute,” she was sentenced to the lash and public humiliation. In the wake of this punishment, which was not exacted upon the man she sexually served, Metoyer bought her freedom. When he eventually set her aside for a legal wife, he deeded her his unpatented interest in a small tract of sixty-seven acres, as an economic start for her and their younger, free-born children.”

64 Parishes passage ends

An Ellison family member named Zachary Metoyer was recently accused of harassing Ellison’s domestic violence accuser.

Ellison, a Muslim, is currently rocked by scandal for his association with a Portland ANTIFA leader. The left-wing network ANTIFA viciously beat journalist Andy Ngo, prompting worldwide condemnation from right-thinking people.

Ellison’s friendship with Portland ANTIFA leader Luis Enrique Marquez is coming under intense scrutiny. Ellison was recently photographed with Marquez.

Andy Ngo’s own reporting reveals that Marquez identified Ngo in the crowd at a March left-wing rally and profanely harassed him in front of his Antifa comrades, prompting police intervention. Footage of Marquez’s confrontation of Ngo is presented below.

Antifa’s attack on Ngo days ago was premeditated, with Ngo revealing in advance that Antifa was already planning to find him in the crowd and attack him.

Ellison deleted his infamous tweet in which he took a selfie of himself with the Antifa Handbook, which he said would “strike fear in the heart” of President Donald Trump.

Here is Ngo’s run-in with Marquez in Portland in March:

Here is Keith Ellison’s selfie with the Antifa Handbook, which he deleted from Twitter.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 9.50.26 AM

Laura Loomer reported exclusively for Big League Politics in November 2018:

On the heels of an unprecedented Minneapolis Police press conference this week in which officers warned citizens to not vote for Keith Ellison, photographs obtained by Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer show Ellison and Luis Enrique Marquez, a notorious leader of the Portland ANTIFA who has a criminal record and has carried the Communist flag.

Ellison’s support of ANTIFA is no secret, but as a candidate for Attorney General, his relationship with a violent member of ANTIFA, which has been designated as a domestic terrorist organization by the US Department of State, is concerning.

As a result of his criminal actions as the leader of Portland ANTIFA, Luis Enrique Marquez was booked into the Multonomah County Jail and Conditionally released June 30, 2018 having been charged with two counts of theft (one 2nd degree and one 3rd degree) and 3rd degree assault per Jail Employee ID 93275.

“City and federal law enforcement officers arrested nine people in downtown Portland Saturday during competing rallies that law enforcement officials ultimately declared a riot due to violence. Portland’s Rose City Antifa and Vancouver’s Patriot Prayer were the primary groups involved,” the Portland Patch reported in June. 

Luis Enrique Marquez was one of those nine people arrested in what police described as violent protests.

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