Even Liberals Admit Democrats Are In DENIAL About 2020!!!

Published on Jul 6, 2019

Never interrupt your enemies when they’re making a mistake.


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I think even the candidates know they’re doomed they’re just terrified to stand up to the deranged lunatic mob that they created


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Noah Palin
When they all raised their hands in support of comprehensive health care for illegals aliens, they shot themselves right in the face.


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blah Newman
democrats never won anything they rig elections all the time .


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Faqyur Ma'ama
It’s hard to imagine anyone voting Democrat at this stage. They are like a circus act.


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Ruby Honey
Democrats are not only in denial THEY ARE NUTS mostly


Dr. Steve Turley
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Ken Battor
They’re campaigning in Mexico. How can they possibly lose


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Ash Trash
Dems are left of the left here in Europe, and the european left is radically left.


Dr. Steve Turley
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