“They’re terrorists:” Portlanders tell their Antifa stories | Keean Bexte

Until the citizens address this It won’t end You got what u voted for Ted should be arrested


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jeff vw
The mayor is also the police commissioner and acts like he is Antifa, he must be removed.


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Kris Kringle
Proud boys dont hide their faces nor do they bring weapons to assault gay Asian reporters. Use your second AMENDMENT if they attack you.


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Peter Wysochanski
Did you see the gashes on the old man’s head?! Did Patriots Prayer or the Proud Boys do anything like that?


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Portland is becoming like London. Both mayor of London and mayor of Portland are incompetent and are against their nation.


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How is it that a “Mayor” decides when to enforce the law and when not to. Since when is the mayor above the LAW?


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erica johnson
Portland Mayor is a disgrace. The people who voted him in are a disgrace, as well. They got what they voted for.


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Susan Boyle
Antifa owns the city of Portland just like the drug cartels own Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.


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These numnuts have a major malfunction. And they’re aided and abetted by the local authorities. Namely the mayor.


Rayden C
Prayer Groups: gather to pray for the country. Lady on the street: TERRORIST! They said God! Portland Major: I’ll take care of this, get me Antifa!


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George Koch II
ter·ror·ist a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. By definition they are terrorists.

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