Media Runs Interference On George Soros’ Caravan Connection

MSM claims Soros connection an anti-semitic ‘conspiracy theory’

 | – OCTOBER 31, 2018

After reports emerged that billionaire George Soros-backed NGOs organized the migrant caravans heading to the U.S. border, the mainstream media attempted to run interference on the bombshell revelation, claiming anyone who says Soros is involved is anti-semitic.

Despite government documents obtained by Judicial Watch and leaked documents from Soros’ Open Society Foundation laying out in plain language how these NGO groups organize migration groups and policy, the media brazenly dismissed the evidence, branding everybody who reported it conspiracy theorists and liars.

USA Today dedicated a lengthy piece to smearing anybody who suggested Soros involvement in the caravan, rather than provide evidence refuting the reports.

“Exactly how far the lie linking Soros to the migrant caravan has traveled is impossible to measure in full,” the publication said.

Social media “carried this falsehood to millions with a few taps on a screen. It also left a distinct trail that makes it possible to follow how lies spread and who told them, a map of their trajectory from the darker corners of the internet to the political mainstream.”

The Washington Post asserted that Soros orchestrating the migrant caravans was a “conspiracy theory” responsible for Cesar Sayoc mailing bombs to him, and for the synagogue shooter killing 11 Jews.

“The Soros-caravan conspiracy theory weaves together anti-Semitism, fear of immigrants and the specter of powerful foreign agents controlling major world events in pursuit of a hidden agenda,” Joel Achenbach wrote Sunday.

“And it appears to have had real-world consequences on Saturday for Jews attending services, including a baby-naming ceremony, in their synagogue in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood.”

The New York Times declared that questioning the Soros/caravan connection is rooted in anti-semitism.

“The baseless claims that George Soros is financing the migrants as they trek north, which carry a strong whiff of anti-Semitism, have been one of the most consistent themes of commentary on the caravan from the right,” Jeremy W. Peters wrote Monday.

NBC News also called the Soros connection a “conspiracy theory” without providing evidence to support their claim.

These mainstream media articles have two things in common:

First, they all parrot the same talking-point that questioning Soros is anti-semitic.

Second, they simply ignore the evidence and call it a “conspiracy theory” without making a factual case to refute it.

Again, here are the Judicial Watch documents outlining how Soros uses government resources to fuel his leftist political activity, including with groups like Pueblos Sin Fronteras.

And here is the actual 2016 leaked Open Society Foundation report,Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review,” which illustrates how Soros NGOs coordinate with the UN to facilitate mass migration.

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