Media Matters President's Derogatory, Hateful Comments Exposed

Rank hypocrisy of far-left activist brought to light

Fox News – MARCH 14, 2019

Media Matters president and far-left activist Angelo Carusone is under fire after The Daily Caller unearthed hateful and inflammatory comments he made in the past about everything from transvestites to ethnicity.

Carusone has been leading a campaign against Fox News host Tucker Carlson for things he said on a radio program several years ago. Sensing hypocrisy, Daily Caller reporter Peter Hasson uncovered an old blog in which Carusone allegedly used hateful rhetoric against a series of groups.

“Carusone’s now-defunct blog included degrading references to ‘trannies,’ ‘jewry’ and Bangladeshis,” Hasson wrote. “Carusone posted a lengthy diatribe in November 2005 about a Bangladeshi man who was robbed by ‘a gang of transvestites,’ as Carusone described it. Carusone was offended that the gang was described as ‘attractive’ in an article.”

The Daily Caller – which was co-founded by Carlson – posted screen images of Carusone’s alleged old blog. The report also indicated the Media Matters honcho also “downplayed a male basketball coach’s alleged sexual and physical abuse of his female players” and used an ethnic slur.

The Daily Caller report also indicated that Carusone allegedly made anti-Semitic comments about his then-boyfriend and once praised then-West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd, a Democrat and former high-ranking member of the Ku Klux Klan, as one of his favorite public figures, writing: “In his lunacy, we trust.”


“In another post, Carusone claimed that his boyfriend only leaned conservative ‘as a result of his possession of several bags of Jewish gold,’” Hasson wrote. “Carusone previously dismissed concerns about his past anti-Semitic comments on the grounds that his longtime partner is Jewish.”

Media Matters did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Media Matters is known as a tax-exempt lobbying organization which has aimed to silence many conservative media voices. Carusone has led numerous boycott attempts but famously opted against taking action after hateful rhetoric from MSNBC host Joy Reid’s pre-fame blog was unearthed.

In addition to Carusone’s old comments making headlines, Carlson also has hit Media Matters over its non-profit status.

“In its original tax application to the IRS, Media Matters claimed that the American news media were dominated by a pro-Christian bias and that they were needed to balance it. Despite the obvious absurdity of this claim, the group received non-profit status. It has been violating the terms of that status ever since,” Carlson said on Tuesday night.

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