Pelosi fears Trump may borrow page from Democratic playbook by challenging 2020 election legitimacy


Speaker Nancy Pelosi has warned her fellow Democrats that Donald Trump may question the legitimacy of the 2020 election if he loses by a slim margin – a cowardly political tactic not seen since the Democrats lost in 2016.

In an interview with the New York Times, the house speaker and de facto head of the Democratic Party envisioned a nightmare scenario in which Trump would attempt to “poison the public mind” instead of accepting a Democratic presidential victory in next year’s election.


According to Pelosi, the solution to this terrible conundrum is for the Democrats to abandon all ideas of impeachment and nominate a moderate who won’t rock the boat. Only then, Pelosi mused, will the Democrats be able to crush Trump by such a huge margin that he will never be able to fabricate salacious tales of foreign blackmail and be taken seriously.

Her pearl-clutching faced considerable scrutiny from the Twitterati, who pointed out that Pelosi’s party has spent the last two years questioning the legitimacy of the president, after Hillary Clinton refused to accept responsibility for her humiliating defeat in 2016.

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“This is rich. In 2016 Democrats said Trump would challenge the legitimacy of the election. Then they spent two years challenging the legitimacy of the election. Now, with 2020 approaching, Nancy Pelosi is trying the same thing again,” noted Washington Examiner political correspondent Byron York.


“How ironic given that Hillary & the Dems still haven’t accepted the 2016 results,” a like-minded netizen observed.


Others wondered exactly how Trump would attempt to stay in power even if he lost the 2020 election.

“Let’s just suppose Trump does lose in 2020, how does ANY INTELLIGENT person think Trump will be able to stay in POWER… will he push the desk up against one of the 4 doors blocking entrance to him,” one Twitter user commented.


Pelosi’s talking points also received plenty of love on social media, however. One of her supporters ominously predicted that Trump would contest the election “whether he wins or not.”


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