HATE HOAX: Alleged ‘Noose’ Found on UMich Campus Turns Out to be Fishing Knot

The race-obsessed Left is rapidly taking Western Civilization into the depths of idiocracy.

By Shane Trejo

Administrators from the University of Michigan, one of the most liberal campuses in all of the United States, claimed that a hate crime occurred last month after a “noose” was found inside of the University Hospital.

After an investigation occurred, it was quickly determined that the so-called noose was actually a practice fishing knot, commonly referred to a “Uni Knot,” that an employee was tying during a break from their job. These types of knots are typically used following surgery for traction. The knot was discovered the next day by a different worker of the hospital, which spurred the latest hate hoax.

UM Medical School Dean Marschall Runge did not wait for the investigation to take place in order to jump to conclusions in emails sent to faculty. He sent the campus into a frenzy with a race-baiting hate hoax that would bring a smile to Jussie Smollett’s face.

“Yesterday, in one of our hospitals, a noose — a symbol of hate and discrimination — was found at the work station of two of our employees,” he wrote.

“We have taken immediate action to have this investigated as both an act of discrimination and a criminal act of ethnic intimidation. This act of hate violates all of the values that we hold dear and will not be tolerated,” he added.

Now that it has been shown that he helped perpetrate a pack of lies, Runge refuses to show any humility or take any responsibility for his irresponsible, divisive rhetoric.

“Our community came together to support each other, reaffirmed our stance against hate, and began having open dialogues about this incident and ways to make our community more inclusive,” Runge said in a follow-up email.

“We continue to stand strong as we make it clear to all that this organization — its leaders, faculty, staff and learners — fiercely values and defends equality, inclusiveness, respect and dignity for all, and the elimination of discrimination and intimidation in all forms,” he added.

The UM police have said publicly that they do not consider the tying of this knot to be a hate crime. However, they continue to pay lip service to the culture of witch hunting that is so pervasive on their campus dominated by leftist demagogues.

“We all share the responsibility of creating a safe and secure environment free from violent or threatening behavior,” DPSS Executive Director Eddie L. Washington said. “Any crime designed to infringe upon these rights will be taken very seriously by the university and DPSS.”

The modern Left, on their Orwellian quest to expose imaginary racists for wrong-think, will never take responsibility for the hysteria they have inflicted on society. An individual cannot even tie a knot without looking over his shoulder as liberals bring the U.S. closer to idiocracy with each passing day.

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