Deep Fake? Internet Claims RBG Didn't Actually Attend SCOTUS Funeral

Technology’s high level of sophistication making people question everything

JULY 23, 2019

Internet users are claiming a video showing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attending the funeral of late Justice John Paul Stevens is a deep fake.

After RBG was MIA for several months due to surgery, the web went wild with rumors the SCOTUS elder could be terminal or worse.

Now, even C-SPAN footage of one of Ginsburg’s rare public appearances is being scrutinized.

Check out the video below:

While many are claiming the video showing a rather decrepit Ginsburg near the casket is a deep fake due to people passing in front of Justice John Roberts, the video appears to be authentic and not a re-edit according to our analysis.

With deep fakes becoming more realistic and sophisticated by the day, it’s no wonder people are questioning their own eyes, but we predict this is merely one of many deep fake controversies to come.

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