Ex-FBI Official: 'At Least 2 Trump Cabinet Members' Helped Rosenstein With 25th Amendment Coup

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker admits plot existed to remove President Trump from office

 | Infowars.com – APRIL 9, 2019

At least two members of President Trump’s Cabinet were open to go along with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s plot to remove him from office using the 25th Amendment, according to ex-FBI official James Baker.

Former FBI General Counsel James Baker testified to the House Judiciary Committee last October about his role during Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia witch hunt, in testimony releasedby the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday.

“To the best of my recollection [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe] told me that the deputy attorney general said that he had at least two members of the Cabinet who were ready to invoke the 25th Amendment,” Baker said.

“I am sure he told me other things in that conversation, but it was in part both of those things were relayed to me with other information with respect to — what the DAG [Rosentein] was going through at the time and how he was thinking about his involvement in the firing of Director Comey and how he was thinking about proceeding after that.”

Rosenstein initially called last year’s reports that he volunteered to secretly wear a wire around Trump to catch him in a moment he could use to invoke the 25th Amendment as “inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

The mainstream media even claimed he was just “joking.”

Baker’s testimony reveals that not only did Rosenstein plot a coup, but that members of his own Cabinet went along with it!

Infowars first reported the 25th Amendment coup against Trump shortly after he was elected in 2017, over a year and a half before it was confirmed by The New York Times.

Rosenstein was set to resign in March, but for unknown reasons has decided to remain at his post as Deputy Attorney General.

The questions remain: who were the two Cabinet officials, and are they still in power?

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