Tucker Investigates: How did Chris Cuomo get into Yale?

Shaina Short
Why exactly do private ivy leagues get tax dollars!??? Serious question.


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Angela Villalobos
These elite colleges have no appeal anymore. I dont equate them with smart people.


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david rees
1 Rule for Our Masters and many other Rules for Us the Serfs ….


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Beijing yank
I’ve met a few people from Stanford…all filthy rich. “Kid you don’t do your homework. You cheat on exams. You game all day. How do you expect to get into college?” The teacher inquires. “Back door.” Comes the response from the Mayor’s son.


Bev Taylor
And Chelsea spent her Stanford years traveling around the world with her mother. She is so brilliant that she doesn’t t even need to attend classes! Amazing…


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This is not White privilege, this is Elite privilege. Witness, the Obamas, and the Al Shady Sharptons of our society. The Elites, i.e., the ruling class, sure know how to take care of their own.


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Jenna Caruthers
“Connected” is the only qualification for anything these days. I’ve done research work with alumni of many stripes and the number one reason to go to college is to meet an upperclassperson who can offer you a job when you get out.


Thanos The God
27 seconds in and giving this a like. LOL Hilarious.


Alex Huxley
George Carlin said it best: “it’s a big club — and you ain’t in it”


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Dale Nelson
Liberal Democrats are the most hypocritical creatures on earth.

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