Mueller Says It Doesn’t Matter His Lawyers Had Connections To Clinton

Published on July 24, 2019

Marcus McCurley
‘Is your full name Robert Mueller’ “‘I can’t go into that’


Mike Delmore
Can we get Weissman to answer questions, seems like he would know more.


Joaquin Canals
“I don’t want to go into that” Oh, really?!


“Is your name Robert Mueller?” “I don’t wanna go into that”


BigMac 3008
It’s like he hasn’t answered a single question


Ryan Flint
3:52 Gordon Ramsey is looking rough!😂


Incredible to watch a reputation being dismantled in real-time…


Witty Name
They were hired to “do the job” to convince the world what supposedly Trump did is what Hillary actually did.


art american
This whole thing was said, by Dems, to clear up the Muller report for comman people .. I gave up counting how many times he said ” I am not going to answer that”. Thanx for the transparency…


Tyrone Murray
Muller – i have been in this business for 25 years. And there my friend is the problem Mr Muller is a swamp dweller!

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