The images have been available on the internet months prior to the tweet by Global Times celebrating a new “hospital.”

National File – JANUARY 28, 2020

Chinese state-run newspaper the Global Times posted an image of a purported “novel coronavirus hospital” called Huoshenshan Hospital on Twitter Monday.

1st building of #Wuhan‘s special novel #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan Hospital, completed construction on Monday, in 16 hours,” the tweet read. “It is expected to be transferred to the military for management on February 2. Another Leishenshan Hospital is also under construction.”

The tweet was quickly scrutinized by people who noticed that the image of Huoshenshan Hospital provided by Global Times is actually an Alibaba stock photo for a portable “container school building.”

The images have been available on the internet months prior to the tweet by Global Times celebrating a new “hospital.”


The Container School Building is a product produced by K-Home, a company based in Hongqi District, Xinxiang, China.

The description for the Container School Building reads as follows:

KHOME have focus on design and manufacture Portable Container School,Classroom,School Student Accommodation, Student Canteen,Library,Teacher administration building,Meeting room building, teacher office building etc. for more than 15 years.

Portable Container Structure can make all material in flat pack and install the school builing very fast on site. The whole project can finish without any other material again. We are supplling the one stop solution. From school design, windows, doors,ceiling, furnitures, toilet, floor. lights, everything have been included at the begining . You can control your budget very well at the begining .

Short time delivery and installation not only save money, most important save time for you. In many developing country in Africa. This kind of house is most prefered one to solve the demand for fast build schools. Some time we can not wait one second if we want to make the school now, right?

Global Times, the newspaper that posted the image, is a daily tabloid newspaper run by the Chinese Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper, providing a Chinese nationalist perspective on international issues.

As National File reported earlier today, the emergency coronavirus hospitals actually being built in China more closely resemble trailer units, with barred steel windows and doors with locks on the outside:

A video posted to Twitter by a Chinese government official shows the construction of metal trailers with bars on the windows and locks on the outside of the doors.
The video was posted by Lijian Zhao, Deputy Director General of the Information Department, Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We are racing against time,” Zhao said. “The 1st building of #Wuhan‘s #Coronavirus hospital, Huoshenshan hospital, was completed in 16 hours.”

Zhao continued, “China Construction which built the hospital is the same company which built the Multan-Sukkor Motorway and the Centaurus. Let’s pray for Wuhan & China!”

The “hospital” shown in the video appears to be a type of corrugated metal units with metal bars on the windows.

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