(THIS IS WHY THEY WANT OUR GUNS AMERICA) – Anti-ICE rally protests “concentration camps” before demanding to see Keean Bexte’s papers

Published on Jul 18, 2019

Benny Panil
My kids go to a camp and they’re also being concentrated in the cabin. But they don’t say never again they say yes everyday come again. These people are obviously idiots without the ability to freely think for themselves. They have to take words of known painters of Western civilization and repeated like a bunch of parrots


De Oppresso Libtard
I guess the fact they didn’t protest this under Obama means America IS a racist country. Lol.


the great dirtbag
These anti American progressives that are interfering with ice trying to do their job need to be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting known felons


Joey Boedeker
Wow!!! Who funded the shirts and signs???? If America is a “racist country ” then why do people come here,by the millions. So…they should carry identification as a reporter but are o.k. with undocumented illegal immigrants.


Tim Hunter
“I’m too stupid to have opinions of my own. Let me direct you to someone who can regurgitate the party line for you.”


Gabrielle Davies
Why do they just say i would love to see your press credentials!? Lol. They dont even know why they are out there its embarassing


Dawnie Newman
The lady said it felt like 19: 33 like she was even born then, 😂😂😅🤣 do these people even know Obama made the cages ????


Stan Ulch
Under her definition, cities/towns could be classified as concentration camps.


Hundsucker Byrne
It won’t be long until they try to change the American flag I would think


Reggie Rightwing
Rebel media is the ONLY REAL NEWS in Canada. God speed Rebel media

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