MSM only highlights stories that fit their anti-American narrative

 | – APRIL 28, 2019

19 year old San Diego, California Nursing student John T. Earnest, wearing a tactical vest shot up the Poway Synagogue near San Diego killing one and injuring multiple worshipers including the Rabbi and children. It was an off-duty Border Patrol agent, viewed by the left as nothing short of a Nazi that returned fire and stopped the carnage.

Immediately the left blamed Trump on Twitter. One tweet read “Another real donald trump supporter” and then wrote “Stand corrected. But trumps rhetoric makes more of these people to be allowed to do things like this….this country is rotting from the inside…and trump is the result of that!”

To these naysayers, it wouldn’t be those representing their own anti-Israel rhetoric like Democrats Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib or anti-Semitic cartoons from the New York Times. The left can’t handle the blame, just like they can’t handle logic or sanity.

And just when you thought the handful of leftist media corporations controlling the narrative had done enough to deceive the public into looking the other way by wielding the frantic disinfo weapon of Islamophobia and the growing white nationalism fantasy. What should have every American actually concerned has been hidden from public view.

It may be too late until unsuspecting Americans completely realize that they have been systematically defined as a primary adversary by a malevolent propaganda behemoth. A media tyranny that regards white Christian Americans, which is actually just code for all Americans black, white, etc who simply disagree with the left as the enemy to everything the globalist construct is building.

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