‘Crime Happens:’ Julian Castro Explains Away Illegal Alien Identity Theft, Fraud (VIDEO)

Julian Castro explained away illegal alien crimes.

By Peter D’Abrosca

Sunday night, Fox News hosted a town hall for one of the many Democratic Party primary candidates, wherein the candidate brushed aside a question from a concerned citizen about the crimes of illegal aliens.

“Let me begin the answer to that question by saying – look – all of us know as human beings, regardless of circumstance, whether people are rich or poor, no matter the color of their skin, what their background is, people commit crime: crime happens,” Julian Castro told the audience member who asked the question.

The woman told Castro that she had been the victim of identity theft and fraud at the hands of an illegal alien, who stole her social security number. Apparently, the perpetrator of the crime was released from police custody, “never to be heard from again.” She asked if, as president, Castro would ensure that illegal aliens who commit crimes would be detained, and not simply released.

The woman did not inject race into the question. She never mentioned the skin color of the perpetrator of the crime. But Castro assumed that she was talking about a nonwhite person, and in his answer implied that the woman was racist simply for asking a question about illegal aliens.


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