Immigration activists stage protests ahead of ICE raids

Mike Wilhelmson
“Pulled down the American flag and raised the Mexican flag in its place” Thats all I needed to hear. God speed ICE


What the hell has happened to America? It’s appalling. Common sense is but a quaint memory for far too many.


Rico Bernardo
Wow, they raised a Mexican flag yet they take US dollars. So twisted.


rossco henderson
And take the Spoiled Democratic politicians with you …….


How is that not an invasion? If you raise the flag of a foreign nation, you ARE the enemy!!


The Singularity
It’s a real shame the Democrats want a Civil War so badly. I hope they are happy with the final outcome!


Phinneus Prune
Pulling the American flag and replacing it with a Mexican flag is an act of war.


Obstruction of justice needs to be applied to some of these politicians that are standing in the way of the law.


Raspy Bob
Bye bye free loaders!! This walls for you!! Good bud light commercial!! Lmao


Tony Carr
if your in fear get out of are country go back home the free ride’s over

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