Italy: Migrants in Naples Ignore Coronavirus Quarantine

Roam around the street putting others at risk.

A video out of Naples, Italy shows migrants roaming around the streets, ignoring the coronavirus quarantine and putting other people’s lives at risk.

The entire country of Italy is currently on lock down with citizens only allowed to venture out for groceries and medical supplies.

“Only supermarkets and pharmacies windows are open. Only one person from each household can go on a shopping run. Police write tickets for people who are out wandering,” reports CNN.

However, video footage shows migrants in Naples completely ignoring those orders as they mill around and bicker with each other.

“It’s been days in the Vasto neighborhood of #Napoli , migrants crowd alleys and sidewalks,” tweeted Severino Nappi. “They defy prohibitions, regardless of the risk. While we live barricaded in our homes, there are those who mock our health. The rules apply to everyone!”

Judging from the audio of the clip, some people who are following the quarantine rules appear to be pleading with the migrants to go indoors.

By remaining outside, the migrants are helping to spread coronavirus, which has already claimed 2,158 lives in Italy.

Once again this proves that diversity is most certainly not a strength.


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