Sweden Calls For Sanctions Against Countries That Refuse Migrants

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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has indicated that he would like to see sanctions levied against European countries that do not participate in migrant ‘resettlement.’

Speaking with Swedish newspaper Dagens NyheterPM Löfven was asked about economic penalties for countries that refuse ‘refugees’ but receive European Union funding, such as Hungary.

“Yes, I am ready to do this,” Löfven said. “Because sooner or later we have to take joint responsibility for receiving migrants. One, two or three countries cannot bear it, we need to help with this.”

“If they are not ready to take responsibility, then it will come at a cost, it will not be possible to receive EU funds in the same way as today.”

“Hungary is one of the countries that gets the most,” Löfven continued. “It is unacceptable that the country that received the most support from the EU said, ‘No, we do not take responsibility for immigration.'”

During the 2015 crisis, Sweden received the highest per capita intake of ‘refugees’ in Europe, accepting some 163,000 migrants from mostly Africa and the Middle East.

Hungary, a nation that lies on the frontier of the Schengen Area, was deluged by tens of thousands of migrants in mere months, prompting a dramatically different reaction than Sweden, as Prime Minister Viktor Orbán‘s administration moved quickly to construct a groundbreaking border barrier and reduce Hungary’s migrant intake to nearly zero.

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