VIDEO: John Kasich Stuns CNN Anchor, Cautions on Trump Impeachment Over ‘One Phone Call’, Says Nobody in Ohio ‘Talking About This’


Appearing on CNN’s New Day show Friday morning, Never Trump former Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) stunned anchor Alisyn Camerota by throwing cold water on the media and Democrats’ rush to impeach President Donald Trump over his July 25 phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Kasich cautioned over impeaching Trump for “one phone call”. Kasich said he was back in Ohio and that “nobody is talking about this, nobody’s coming up to me saying, ‘oh my goodness!’”

Camerota asked Kasich if that ‘one phone call’ showed criminality, “doesn’t it (lead to impeachment)?, Kasich replied that was a debate and that you would not find many Republicans in Congress who believe the call was criminal, but they might criticize and condemn Trump’s behavior over it.

When Camerota tried to make the case for Democrats that they are not rushing on impeachment, saying, “in fairness to the Democrats it has been three years” and that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was cautious by not going ahead with impeaching Trump with regard to the Mueller Russia investigation, Kasich called her out by telling her Pelosi couldn’t because there was nothing to the Mueller report to impeach Trump over.

Kasich did say he supports further investigation but that “the jury is till out in my mind” as to whether Trump should be impeached. Kasich condemned Trump’s conduct during and after the phone call, but is not there yet on impeachment.

Kasich closed by warning about the obsession for impeachment, “This is not a light matter. If all of a sudden everybody can be impeached, then it has no power.”

His is a rare voice of caution and reason among the Never Trump crowd, Democrats and media this week. The interview is worth listening to in its entirety. Transcript will be posted when available from CNN.

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