Coronavirus Containment Has Failed

The WHO and the CDC here in the states keep saying 80% of the cases will be light and ONLY 20% will develop complications, especially to those over 70 and 80. Well, to them 20% might not seem like a lot, but I am 73 and my wife is 81, so that ONLY 20% seems like a pretty big deal. Thanks to your heads up on this virus, and Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube vlogs, I have been preparing for our self quarantine to keep us from contacting the virus. Seems like the WHO and CDC think people like us are expendable and inconsequential! Thanks for giving us the real information our government is keeping from us.

WHO: “Please be aware, but not too aware, that a not-pandemic is definitely not going to happen, but is happening maybe. If not now, then soon. You should prepare a bit, but not too aggressively and don’t tell your friends and family, but tell your friends and family. Quietly, calmly. Don’t worry about masks, they won’t help much, but get some. A few. A lot. Get some. Also, stay away from people, but go about your business as usual, but definitely not as usual. And as always, please take great pains to respect the feelings of the people of China. Carry on. Or don’t. Or do. Or don’t.”

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