Video: Father Fresh Out Of Coronavirus Quarantine Repeatedly Coughs On Air

‘They said I’m fine,’ the coughing man reassured Fox hosts

  – FEBRUARY 28, 2020

A Pennsylvania father who was recently cleared of coronavirus after being quarantined in San Diego, California could not stop coughing during an interview with Fox News on Friday.

Frank Wucinski and his family were sent to the quarantine location after returning from Wuhan, China where they were attending a funeral for Wucinski’s father-in-law.

“Fortunately, it is contagious, but the death rate is pretty low,” Wucinski said during the Fox interview, as he stopped to cough while his young daughter sat on his lap.

When the Fox hosts noticed Wucinski was still coughing and asked about it, he responded, “They said I’m fine. I got tested twice. Negative both times. The cough, probably just nerves.”

Wucinski had to take a swig from his daughter’s water bottle just to get through the interview.

As coronavirus fears continue to escalate, stocks worldwide are responding and governments are preparing for worst-case scenarios.

The level of calamity we are facing due to the half measures by states like California to handle the Coronavirus outbreak is enough for any half-conscious person to scramble to get their bug-out survival gear ready.

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