Hungary Seals Border, Warns Migrant Invasion Could Bring Coronavirus

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By Dan Lyman – 3/4/2020

Hungary has sealed its southern border, warning that many of the migrants currently attempting to break into Greece have traveled through Iran, which is in the midst of an explosive coronavirus outbreak.

Budapest announced that ‘transit zones’ along the border with Serbia, where migrants can apply for asylum and await decisions, will be closed indefinitely amid an effective invasion of Europe intiated by Turkey.

“We are suspending indefinitely new admissions of people into the transit zones,” said Chief Security Advisor György Bakondi. “We are seeing a certain link between the coronavirus and illegal immigrants.”

“For the safety of the 321 refugees in the transit zone, we are suspending the reception of additional refugees.”

Bakondi said there are currently around 10,000 migrants preparing to sail from Turkey to Greek islands and another 13,000 attempting to storm Greece’s land border – numbers which are reportedly increasing rapidly.

Many of the migrants hoping to reach Europe are from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran, and a large number of them could be carrying coronavirus contracted at home or during their journeys, Bakondi asserted.

“To the Hungarian people: We will protect our borders and our internal security,” he declared. “And a message to the migrants: No matter what their ‘organizers’ say, there is no way to Europe [through Hungary].”

“Hungary will not open up or let through anyone,” he continued. “The road does not lead here, it’s not worth trying this way.”

Hungary has no reported cases of coronavirus at the time of this writing.

See the source image

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